You’re Forgetting This MASSIVE Search Engine…

Most marketers put huge amounts of marketing budget into SEO. With good reason. Search engine optimisation is one of the essential elements of good marketing. However, there is one problem with it. Marketers single mindedly target Google. Naturally, it’s the biggest search engine in the world. But, just behind it is a search engine that so many marketers forget about.

YouTube. It’s the second biggest search engine on the planet. 1 billion active users. 3 billion views every day. Heavy use in the young, influential demographics. If you’re not on YouTube, you’re missing billions of eyes. Here’s how to make the most of it.


Figure out content that will work for you

This is your first task when it comes to cracking YouTube. There are millions of channels out there and you need to stand out. Look at your audience and ask yourself (or them!) what video content they’d like to see. It could be informative like a tutorial related to your product. It could be entertaining, funny or silly. Don’t worry about ‘going viral’, just start with a solid foundation of good content.

Create a schedule

If you’re not in the habit of posting videos to YouTube, set yourself a schedule. It will remind you to upload content and keep you on your toes. The best channels flourish by providing regular, consistent content. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, leave enough time between posts to create good content.

Don’t forget to promote it

Uploading a video is not enough to get people to see it. You need to start generating a flow of people towards your content. Make use of your existing social media channels and share videos there. Host them on your website and encourage others to post them. Don’t forget to use keywords and tags to help people find your videos. SEO training will help you find the right keywords here. You could go one step further and use YouTube’s advertising feature.

YouTube is another social media platform, so engage with people

Viewers, followers and commenters are all potential customers. Talk to them and engage with them. Take into account their opinions and thoughts and reply to comments. Build an avid community just like you would on Facebook or Twitter. Of course there are always the inevitable flow of crude comments under YouTube videos. Don’t engage or encourage them, just engage with real, potential customers. This will grow your online business naturally.

Analyse the data on your videos

Just like you would on your website, take into account all of the data that YouTube offers. Monitor your viewership over each week. Take into account the popular countries and demographics. You can learn a lot about your audience and community through YouTube videos. Look at where they are being shared and target those areas. Use it to infiltrate new places.

To ignore YouTube is to ignore over a billion potential customers. No matter what your business, there will be a content strategy that will work for you. Figure out what your audience would want to watch and harness it. Stick to a schedule, promote it and don’t forget to engage.

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