How to fix WordPress white screen error


WordPress is indeed a powerful and most preferred CMS framework on the internet. Based on builtiwith report it powers more than 17 million websites across the internet.

But do you know there are some common issues that causes white screen error? WordPress community relate to it as White Screen of Death Error.

If your website is suffering from white screen of death error I have four steps to resolve the issue and a tip that will help you prevent this error happening again.
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SEO Tips & Trick for Magento Website

Magento is a highly outstanding eCommerce platform, used by numerous eCommerce companies. As the success of eCommerce sites largely depends on attracting new customers, retaining the old ones and providing them the best shopping experience, it is important for e-shop owners to increase their site’s visibility in Google & other search engines to receive traffic and convert them into leads. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) determines the ranking of websites in different search engines. SEO Optimization of eCommerce websites are more complicated than doing SEO for a typical website with a few pages. So, when you run a Magento store, you need to apply some useful and effective SEO tips (given here below) to make your online store visible to your customers and improve its performance at an optimum level:

1. Pay attention to the quality of your website

Google always thinks about the website’s quality before indexing them into its search results. You must think- Is your website helping users what they are looking for? In order to determine the quality of your site, Google uses some key parameters such as time spent on your site by visitors, bounce rate, load time, design, ease of navigation, etc. Make sure you are addressing these issues carefully to give your user the best shopping experience on your e-commerce site.
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How To Make Working Remotely Work For You

Some people love to work remotely, and some don’t. The thought of getting through the working day without having a boss watching your every move can feel terrifying to some.  And really liberating to others! The thought of having to manage your own time and motivate yourself to hit your own deadlines can be quite daunting. Working remotely does offer a certain kind of freedom, though. One of the most wonderful things about working remotely is having the opportunity to travel while you work. If you can build up a business for yourself while maintaining a steady stream of clients, you may never have to join the rat race again. Imagine living in a working world where you don’t have to spend and 2 hours in the car to get to and from the office every day. Imagine never having to travel on a pack train or hot and sticky subway during the dreaded rush hour. Working remotely have many benefits; you just have to learn to motivate yourself and stick to your goals. At the end of the day, you are working for yourself. If you don’t maximize the opportunity you could end up falling short and being disappointed with yourself.

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How to edit images in WordPress

One of the key features of WordPress is the easy process for using and editing images to get the most out of your website or blog. Some sites lack basic editing tools, meaning that publishers will need to use expensive editing software such as Photoshop. For more information on editing software you can visit sites such as image editing for dummies.

With WordPress, the image editing tools are already provided so that you can spend your time doing something more productive.  You can find further information and advice for getting started with WordPress at

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A Guide to Selecting a Domain Name

Selecting the domain name of your online business site is a much more important task than many people think it is. This is usually not one of the critical details that many people focus on when they are in the process of designing their site. However, great care should be taken to ensure that the domain name that you choose will be a good one. Otherwise, it could create a lot of problems for you that could have otherwise been avoided. Here is how you can go about choosing a domain that will help to drive more customers to your online business.
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7 Advantages of Using Automated Appointment Reminder Call Service in Healthcare

Even though a lot of business is completed online these days, you still have huge parts of industry dealing with face-to- face meetings. Whether you are interacting with fellow employees of a company,or clients, it is important to have a way of ensuring appointments are not missed. Not only do missed appointments create frustration on both sides, but they are a hindrance to improving your productivity. With all of this in mind, here is a look at six advantages of using automated appointment reminder calls.

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3 Innovative Social Media Tactics to Engage Millenials in Your Business

Today millennials (or those born from the early 1980's until about 2000) occupy an increasingly large amount of the consumer market. In fact, the millennial purchasing power is expected to grow to more than $200 billion annually by just next year. This is why in order to garner these profits,companies must begin investing in ways to engage this demographic of buyers. Time and time again, studies have shown that the millennial consumer engages with companies and brands through social media.Millenials utilize various forms of social media in order to learn about new brands and further engage with brands that they already love. Here are just three innovative social media marketing strategies that companies are using in order to increase brand exposure and sales with millennial buyers.
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Cost Effective Ways to Market Your Website

Marketing your website can seem like a challenge. There are so many sites competing for people’s attention. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your voice heard. Here are some cost effective ways of marketing your website and reaching new people.

Engaging Video Content

Videos can be great marketing tools. They can be used to raise the profile of your website. Once people start becoming interested in the videos you create, they will become interested in your website. You could upload your videos to Youtube, share them on social media and provide links back to your website. If the videos are engaging and can appeal to your target audience, then people will take an interest. They might also share them on social media sites, potentially sending them viral. If that happens, you’re really in luck.

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How to Download Online Videos from Websites onto a Mac

Odds are that you run into numerous videos daily on websites that you frequent. While you may not want to download a copy of all of these videos, at some point or other you’re going to run into one that you wish you could save onto your Mac so that you can access it whenever you need to without having to go online.


In most cases the problem that you’ll face is that websites tend to not provide a way for you to download online videos. Most of these videos will probably be embedded from video sharing platforms such as YouTube, which also does not provide a way to save its video for offline viewing.
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Simple Tips For Increasing Your Home Business Profits

At some point in time, your home business will start to hit a wall. There’s only so much you can do on any given day, of course, and it means that you can reach your limits of production fairly quickly. However, there are some things you can do to improve your margins, without overstretching yourself. Let’s take a closer look.

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