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4 Ways To Increase Audience Engagement

In this world of data driven goals, likes, followers and fans, it is easy to get all tangled up in the success of the numbers and forget what really matters, engagement. An engaged audience is a lucrative one. They recommend, they rave and they push your brand lift through the roof. So just how do you get this disconcerting lot all wrapped up in your brand?


Know Your Audience

Different demographics interact with social media differently. For this reason, a blanket approach to social media engagement will not work. You need to know your audience and their preferences in order to be able to target them effectively.

If you are unsure of which direction you should be heading in, follow the recruiters. Recruitment agencies target their engagement to specific industries. Their likes and followers are a great way to gauge the preference amongst certain groups.

What Do They Want?

Put simply, people want insight and answers. And videos of children or animals doing silly things. Provide them with the first two, and they will return to your site again and again.

Keep content quality high and cultivate a reputation as a trusted source. Variety is key, as is a unique selling point. What does the customer get from your site that no one else provides them? Keep this question in the forefront of your mind and make sure your content develops at the same pace as the rest of the market. Anticipate the questions your content is likely to generate. If you are one step ahead, you can ensure you have the answers. This way you are not inadvertently driving traffic to a competitor.

With 55 per cent of readers taking less than 15 seconds to consider the content when they do land on your site, it is important to ensure you capture their attention immediately. People don’t want to work to find answers and insight so ensure it is easily accessible. Video production services can produce imagery and videos for your site that communicate information quickly and easily.

Time Everything Well

The internet is an instant source of entertainment, information and insight. It has bred an expectation for instant gratification that you must be aware of. Keep track of current interests and capitalise on the factors driving internet searches, such as current news or gossip. Knowing what is driving readers towards your content means that you can tailor it to ensure better engagement.

Stay Friends

Once you’ve got your audience’s attention, you then have to work twice as hard to keep it. Maintaining high-quality content goes a long way towards cultivating a reliable reputation. Of course, the entertainment or novelty value doesn’t hurt either, but it is important to keep this relevant. Random blogs will isolate some of your audience and make your site feel haphazard and poorly thought out. This is where knowing your audience and tailoring content to their interests and needs comes into its own.

To a large extent engagement is as much about research as content. Ensuring you provide your audience with insight and answers will continue to encourage their devotion.