Organic Search Engine Optimization Isn’t Dead! Here’s Why

19 Sep 2014 By

In the search engine optimization world, there are two ways of getting traffic to your website. The first is with organic search engine results, and the second is paying for some targeted traffic. With the latter option, most people use Google AdWords to bring visitors to their websites.


Organic Search Engine Optimization

Paid traffic is a good way to drive people to a new website. In fact, it’s so good that even owners of established websites use them. But what about organic traffic? Is it dead in the water? To some folks in the SEO world, it would seem that way.


Debunked: 2014′s Top SEO Myths Exposed

11 Sep 2014 By

Search engine optimization is a hot topic when it comes to raising the awareness of a website. SEO is a valid and essential part of any web design project. Without it, no-one will be able to find your website!
Many web designers and Internet marketers follow the news from search engines like Google. That’s because they often tell folks about changes to their search engine “algorithms.” It’s those algorithms that determine how high up your website ranks under specific search terms.




Internal Linking and SEO Practices: How to Make Your Company More Visible

05 Sep 2014 By

SEO is not just a buzzword. It is a clear marketing method that is only going to get bigger and better. SEO methods are constantly changing to suit the changes within search engines. With this in mind, you need to be savvy as to what practices can best help you and your business.


SEO Practices

The Beginners Guide to Link Building

03 Sep 2014 By

Link building became something of a keyword in 2014. Of course, that is meant with all puns intended. Link building is fast becoming the marketers marketing method of choice. If you are new to the world of link building, it can all seem a little complex. It can be a complex area of marketing, but it can also prove to be a valuable business tool within your arsenal.


linkbuildingWith thanks to DC John for the image


The Importance of Google and Its Ability to Read Your Website

03 Sep 2014 By

Google is the king of search engines. For those in the midst of developing an awesome SEO strategy, they are undoubtedly keen to ensure that Google likes their work. After all, Google is the most commonly used search engine. It is much more than a search engine. It is a valuable marketing tool that needs to be utilised in order for businesses to thrive.




Five Tips on How to Hang on to Your SEO Clients

06 Jan 2013 By

With SEO being perhaps the most Internet-dependent business on Earth at the moment, it’s no surprise the industry is still regarded as volatile, both by analysts outside the field, as well as by seasoned professionals, who helped found it. Experiencing with a relatively rapid change in client roster is something any SEO agency should be prepared to deal with. However, no change in Google algorithm, social media trend, or other technology-related development should be blamed if your business doesn’t hang on to at least one or two clients within its first year of existence. Such a situation would only damage one’s reputation, likelihood of getting recommendations for successfully completed projects, and bring about difficulties in securing new business. As such, since long-term relationships with clients are pivotal in the SEO business, here are five current tips that might help you improve your retention stats.


Google Penguin update (Webspam Update)

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SheerSEO A Complete Seo Software

04 Apr 2012 By

If you are blogger, webmaster or a SEO you would probably agree with me that SEO (search engine optimization) has become an industry which shows your small or medium size business presence at internet. Being a SEO you need to track the progress of your website and keyword position constantly which could be annoying, boring or time consuming sometimes while doing a work on multiple sites or blogs.

How to Use Link Wheel

28 Mar 2012 By

Link wheel is one of the advanced and effective tactics of seo link building it may boost your site ranking if properly utilized. Link wheel is basically a mininet which is created to increase the visibility of the targeted site link wheel used to be very simplified but with the passage of time it has been altered and slightly modified to make it more effective and natural.



How to Optimize Your Title Tags for SEO

22 Jan 2012 By

Title tags are often overlooked by business owners and web designers. I don’t mean that title tags are forgotten entirely, but are often not optimized for web searches. Title tags are a key component of effective on-page SEO, and it doesn’t take much time to write a quality, descriptive title tag. Search engines look at a title tag to get an idea of what the page is about. By keeping a few points in mind, you can optimize your title tags. With a little effort, you’ll begin to see positive results in organic searches.

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