8 Worthy Tip To Protect WordPress Site Against Malware

04 Oct 2014 By

Indubitably, today online presence has become quite significant, but along with its benefits, there are some pitfalls as well. With the Internet, there is a great probability of getting your website hacked and attacked by some malware. This will ultimately affect your website performance and its users.

Though, WordPress is considered as the most robust and secure platform, but being a software it needs to be maintained to keep all the malicious intents at bay. This can be done efficiently by implementing some expert advice and keeping the WP website updated from time to time. Here are some proven security tips that can help you ensure a secure WordPress site by preventing malware.


The Amazing Benefits of WordPress For Your Business

23 Aug 2014 By

Everyone has heard of WordPress. Whether you have their blog or website, you are undoubtedly in love with what WordPress can offer you. There is a wide range of benefits of utilising WordPress. Let’s take a look at how WordPress can benefit you and your business for the better.




12 Best wordpress Chat Plugin

24 Dec 2013 By

Nowadays everyone knows about WordPress. There are couples of WordPress chat plugin available here to connect you with your Audience and convert them into a loyal customer. The purpose of these plugins is communicating with the visitors and management also some plugin give you access to create a chat room for your registered users . In this post I will share some free WordPress chat plugin for your site, you can download them for free of cost and let me know your experience. (more…)

How to get specific category link by ID in wordpress

09 Dec 2013 By

Try this code change 5 to your specific Category id Cheers.


CMS2CMS – Automated WordPress Migration Service

26 Jan 2013 By

A decade ago creating a website was the luxury affordable only for chosen ones. Now, however, the situation is quite opposite. Thanks to development of numerous content management systems (CMS), you no longer require an expensive web developer’s services to build your blog or website. Similarly, managing and configuring a website’s appearance and functions have become much simpler tasks.



Showcase of WordPress Cool Themes

19 Aug 2012 By

Let it be for a hobby or an income part-time, WordPress can be the only hottest platform you need to look for a perfect blogging. Right from its emergence, WordPress is continuing to be the damn favorite of many bloggers. Apart from being an excellent blogging tool, one valid reason for WordPress to come up with good upshots is due to the themes that go with WordPress. In this article, you will get to know about few attractive WordPress themes, which are unique in their own way.

Comparison of Top Content Management System.

29 Jan 2012 By

One of the first decisions virtually all aspiring online entities inevitably have to make is choosing which content management system to use. Of the many that exist, four specific CMS seem to always sit at the top of the food chain: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. If you’re a beginner to content creation, developing a digital marketing strategy, or selling goods and services online, then chances are you’ll be using one of these four content management systems.


21 Latest Free WordPress Themes Like Premuim

22 Dec 2011 By

WordPress is most popular Cms to build awesome blogs or websites.Bloggers loves to choose wordpress because of its easy structure and friendly user interface. When you choose wordpress for your site or blog then you have lots of free wordpress themes or plugin to make your blog more attractive or seo friendly. Searching for free wordpress theme is so easy because there are lots of free wordpress themes available on internet, But finding an awesome felixible or seo friendly themes is little bit difficult today i am gonna share a latest collection of free wordpress themes.

10 Best WordPress Twitter Plugin to Spice Up Your Blog

10 Oct 2011 By

WordPress has improved the blogging world for almost eight years now. One of the best things about WordPress is how easy it is to download and install Plugins (other programs) that allow you to easily customize your site and make it look like you have all the magical tricks it takes to design a professional site.

10 Best and High Rated WordPress Seo Plugin

26 Sep 2011 By

If you have a wordpress blog you must care about it posting a new posts adding new categories make blog design more better but how google knows about it and how people will find your content ? just posting a content is not a rocket science you have to do some extra effort to make your post more visible on internet fortunately lots of Seo plugins available to make your blog more Seo friendly and help you to increase your search engine ranking.

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