Why Should You Choose Telstra Broadband over its Resellers?

Why Should You Choose Telstra Broadband over its Resellers?

The Telstra network is used by many other broadband providers. When you are likely to get the same coverage, which network should you opt for? Telstra all the way, and we’ll tell you why!

Simply because it’s the biggest name in the industry

Telstra is the leader in the Australian broadband industry, covering almost 40% of the internet market. On paper, the connection might appear to be a little expensive, but when you get down to the details, and start comparing all the features, you’d realize that you get an amazing value for money when you sign up for Telstra broadband. Websites like Comparetv have made it fairly simple to see where Telstra is beating all of its resellers.

Telstra offers the same price across the country

Telstra holds ownership of the equipment and the network, and so can offer the same price across the board. Other resellers, however, vary their rates depending on your chosen technology and location. So while the prices in the city may be affordable, they are likely going to be high if you live in a regional area. And let’s keep in mind that unlike other internet service providers, Telstra networks are available everywhere.

Telstra offers several technologies

Telstra offers almost all the available internet technologies, so you are sure to find something that would work well in your particular area.


ADSL2+ is still popular and widely used; the topmost choice if NBN connection isn’t available in your area. Like with other ASDL2+ providers, you have to pay line rental even with Telstra, often bundled with the total plan price. But their internet plan prices are the same company wide, like we have already mentioned.


The maximum speed of a Telstra NBN is 100 Mbps. Unlike other resellers, Telstra only offers three different speeds, instead of four. Their lowest speed is $25 Mbps. You can avail a Speed Boost if you pay $20 more, and if you pay $30 extra, you get the Very Fast

Speed Boost.

Telstra also offers fixed wireless NBN connections for homes that are in the suburbs and other less populous areas.


The maximum speed of Telstra’s cable connection is also 100 Mbps, but it is available in limited areas. The resellers don’t offer any cable broadband.


Mobile broadband is a good choice if you aren’t a candidate for fixed line internet. Compared to the options above, it is more expensive, but performance is superb.

Telstra offers the best bundles

Telstra bundles are valuable, and definitely worth availing. If being online is your only need, then you can sign up for their Basic plan. No phone calls are included, but if you use the landline, you pay an amount depending on your usage.

If you are looking for something entertaining, then give Telstra’s Entertainment bundles a try. The downland allowance is unlimited, and you even get a Telstra TV set-top box with live sport, on demand TV shows and movies, and Free-to-Air TV.

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