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Free Ways to Get Back Links for Your Small Business

Search engine optimization makes the web site existence broader and highly visible at search engine there are plenty of seo firms which are offering seo services all over the world some of them charge reasonable charges while others extremely high which the small and medium size business can’t afford so what should they do for sale their products, services and making their business visible and successful at internet? I will advise them do it yourself!! seo is smarter and broader field but it is not a rocket science you can do it in your own way there are some great ways to get back links for your site which are quite easy, important, effective, valuable and above all free !!

Check the free link building seo techniques which makes a pleasant impact on your small size business without paying a single penny to the seo link building firm all you need to just give your time and follow the following methods.

Free web directories:

There are mushroom growth of free and one way link web directories at internet submit your listing there by filling a simple form and obtain the link for free.

Sign in Guestbook:

Signing the guestbook is another impressive way for grabbing a back link.
Don’t spam or abuse it.
Try to give a good positive comment in shape of suggestion, feedback or appreciation.


Blogs commenting is probably the easiest way to acquire useful inbound links there are millions of blogs exist you just need to find the best of them for comments.

Write a guest post:

If you have keen writing skills you can make the most of it for your business by writing a guest article on a blogs preferably related to your niche for more exposure. There are two main benefits for guest blogging.

  • Free valuable back link.
  • Your business boost.
  • Social media exposure which is extremely beneficial for you small medium business.
  • Free promotion of your products through keywords.
  • Better SERP ranking.
  • Article writing:

    I will suggest you to write article and submit it to random directories the plus point of article directories is there are several topics to write on hence you got a vast choice to choose the niche you can better write on mostly article directories site offer two links at the author box hence you can get another source of back link.

    Utilize Craigslist:

    You can post free classified ads by utilizing at craigslist there are plenty of craigslist available just Google it.


    Get registered yourself at forums.

    Create a profile.

    Insert your homepage URL.
    Contribute in different threads.
    Set your keywords at signature.
    Be active at forums in terms of increasing the keywords visibility at SERP.

    Social Media Optimization:

    Social media is playing a crucial role for promoting a business globally at no cost you can share you web pages at them and gain a great deal of visitors.

    Link Exchange:

    Generally link exchange is an ordinary tactic for link building but it could be helpful to gain more visitors and potential customers if you swap the link wisely with your niche sites.


    Blogging is a good practice in general and it becomes more vital if you have a site you can’t optimize regularly for instance: you are selling sports related stuff and accessories or you provide some kinda services so your website content won’t be optimized on regular basis at this point blog can play really important role for adding new content and it’s optimization moreover blogs can be used as link bait and contextual links.

    Yahoo answers:

    Utilize your knowledge by replying yahoo answers and in return get a free back link.

    Google groups:

    Join Google groups and obtain an instant and relevant link.

    YouTube video uploading:

    If you have an interesting and knowledgeable video upload and drive lots of traffic without any effort and money.

    Submit free press release:

    Press release is an article usually contains on news about the company, business, products or services etcetera it is written to catch the attention of news agencies, media and general public, a well written press release can be very useful for driving traffic in addition with free back link.