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Google Unexpected Page Rank Update on 4 August 2011

Google truly surprised every webmaster or blogger from this 04 August Page Rank update My site Today tricks also jumped form 0 to 3 in just 3 months its a big achievement ๐Ÿ™‚ The previous page rank update on 27 June 2011 so the 4 August page rank update is totally Unexpected but good for me.

I heard expert reviews on forums and realize many webmasters got good page rank some new blogs jumped from 0 to 2 or some sites dropped 4 to 2. I really worked hard for my blog and got positive rank i am happy and i am sure every hard working blogger got a good value rank.

So whats your page rank guys? Did not check yet hurry up check it here.

Let me know about your page rank updates so we can learn from each others.