How to get fresh content ideas for your blog?

Blogging has become an intangible industry thousands of people across the globe has adopted blogging as profession and plenty of amateurs have made blogging a hobby, as far as blogging as a avocation or hobby is concerned one might enjoy it because he/she is not doing it for make money but when it comes to profession it could be a hard nut to crack you always require the fresh content and unique ideas for your blog/site as it is blood for your blog’s survival.

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15 Creative and Inspirational Purple Webdesign Showcase

Designing a creative and inspirational website is a big challenge for designers because web design trends changing very quickly so its a big challenge to satisfy clients with your design.Purple is a color of royalty and give an awesome look to your webdesign. Today i am gonna arrange a showcase of beautiful purple websites, Hopefully you like it your feed back is always precious for us.
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Yahoo site explorer has gone

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The Drawbacks of outsourcing website design offshore

Successful global businesses thrive on outsourcing their operations to developing countries and even smaller local businesses have considered outsourcing. Outsourcing has a lot of advantages but is not entirely free of drawbacks either.
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4 Marketing Lessons My Coupon Blog Taught Me

If you had been struggling to get more visitors to read your daily blog posts, there is every possibility that you are missing out on doing good marketing for your blog. Like I did with my coupon blog that features weight watchers discounts and ediets coupons when I realized I wasn’t getting a reasonable amount of traffic to it, I started off with a strict marketing campaign which launched my blog into the lime light and increased my daily blog readers.
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Seo Tips For On Page Optimization

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10 Awesome and Best Photoshop Splatters Brushes

Having a good collection of Photoshop brushes is important for any web designer. Brushes saves our time and give an eye catching and artistic look to our designs. Finding a brushes on internet is very easy but searching for good brush sets is little bit difficult. Here you will find an awesome collection of splatters brushes Hopefully these brushes will increase your collection and make your designs more gorgeous.
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Using Open Source Photo Editors to Escape the Price Paradox

If you are a web designer, you probably are aware of the software paradox. The software paradox is a name I arbitrarily came up with to describe the absurdly high cost of photo editing software. It is a paradox because, unless your parents, godmother, or some other fairy tale creature bought you a copy of a professional photo editing suite (such as Adobe Photoshop), it is generally impossible to obtain a full version of the software without a job, even though you need experience to get a job, and you need Photoshop to get experience. How are we designers supposed to build a portfolio and get experience without money to buy the program we need to get experience?
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How to Increase Your Google Page Rank

There is general concept that Google page rank has no more importance now as it had in past and many seo gurus emphasis on making search engine result pages ranking better rather to make your page rank higher it is quite true but not 100% High page rank still matters there are several places where a web site having a handsome page rank preferred over the lower one for example:
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20 Beautiful and Inspirational Javascript menus Examples

Navigation is a key part of your every website, Designing a styling navigation is always challenging for web designers so i am presenting an awesome collection of javascript menu navigation’s for the inspiration of web designers lets have a look at beautiful example of javascript and css menus.
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