12 Best wordpress Chat Plugin

Nowadays everyone knows about WordPress. There are couples of WordPress chat plugin available here to connect you with your Audience and convert them into a loyal customer. The purpose of these plugins is communicating with the visitors and management also some plugin give you access to create a chat room for your registered users . In this post I will share some free WordPress chat plugin for your site, you can download them for free of cost and let me know your experience. Continue reading

How to get specific category link by ID in wordpress

Try this code change 5 to your specific Category id Cheers.

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Key Terms Every Graphic Designer should know

Graphic design is littered with terms you may not be familiar with. In this article it is discussed about the terms you should know along with the brief explanation of words. So, whether you are a student, newbie or just need refreshment in designing, read this article.

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6 Different Types Of Hosting You Should Look Into

Most businesses have their own website nowadays and whilst thoughts over the design are common, less attention is given to the manner in which the site is hosted. There are several different versions and variations of web hosting available; after all, a successful website relies on variety and diversity.



If you want your website to be quick, effective and reliable, then you need the right type of hosting to support it. With this in mind, here are six different types which you should consider when making your decision: Continue reading

8 Reasons Why You Need to Understand Responsive Web Design

If you don’t know about responsive web design, RWD, you’re missing out on customers. Online traffic is one of the biggest reasons why you need to understand responsive web design, but there are 7 other reasons you also can’t ignore.


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CMS2CMS – Automated WordPress Migration Service

A decade ago creating a website was the luxury affordable only for chosen ones. Now, however, the situation is quite opposite. Thanks to development of numerous content management systems (CMS), you no longer require an expensive web developer’s services to build your blog or website. Similarly, managing and configuring a website’s appearance and functions have become much simpler tasks.


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Five Tips on How to Hang on to Your SEO Clients

With SEO being perhaps the most Internet-dependent business on Earth at the moment, it’s no surprise the industry is still regarded as volatile, both by analysts outside the field, as well as by seasoned professionals, who helped found it. Experiencing with a relatively rapid change in client roster is something any SEO agency should be prepared to deal with. However, no change in Google algorithm, social media trend, or other technology-related development should be blamed if your business doesn’t hang on to at least one or two clients within its first year of existence. Such a situation would only damage one’s reputation, likelihood of getting recommendations for successfully completed projects, and bring about difficulties in securing new business. As such, since long-term relationships with clients are pivotal in the SEO business, here are five current tips that might help you improve your retention stats.

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Buy Nokia Mobile Phones

Moblie phones have now become necessity for everyone it is not only source of connection or interaction between two person but it has become an accessory to perfom multiple tasks.although there are many mobile phone manufacturer companies who are dealing in mobile industry but when it comes to credibility and reliability nokia mobile phones are on the top in this craft.


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Showcase of WordPress Cool Themes

Let it be for a hobby or an income part-time, WordPress can be the only hottest platform you need to look for a perfect blogging. Right from its emergence, WordPress is continuing to be the damn favorite of many bloggers. Apart from being an excellent blogging tool, one valid reason for WordPress to come up with good upshots is due to the themes that go with WordPress. In this article, you will get to know about few attractive WordPress themes, which are unique in their own way.
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Shopify the Best E-commerce Shopping Store

It is the era of plastic money neither customer have enough time to go and purchase his/her desired things physically from different places nor the shop owners or the merchant of a store have a time to manage their vast products properly. If you own a shop of t-shirts in New York city you might have few regular customers who visit and purchase the t-shirts from your shop you might have a website but it takes a time and programmer/developer to maintain it properly which could be annoying while running your shop too hence you need a platform where you may not only sale your products but may also gain a great number of new potential customers without paying someone to running your website or doing internet marketing for that too and that platform is called “Ecommerce online store” an online store where you can put your products in front of the entire world

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