Using Open Source Photo Editors to Escape the Price Paradox

If you are a web designer, you probably are aware of the software paradox. The software paradox is a name I arbitrarily came up with to describe the absurdly high cost of photo editing software. It is a paradox because, unless your parents, godmother, or some other fairy tale creature bought you a copy of a professional photo editing suite (such as Adobe Photoshop), it is generally impossible to obtain a full version of the software without a job, even though you need experience to get a job, and you need Photoshop to get experience. How are we designers supposed to build a portfolio and get experience without money to buy the program we need to get experience?
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How to Increase Your Google Page Rank

There is general concept that Google page rank has no more importance now as it had in past and many seo gurus emphasis on making search engine result pages ranking better rather to make your page rank higher it is quite true but not 100% High page rank still matters there are several places where a web site having a handsome page rank preferred over the lower one for example:
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20 Beautiful and Inspirational Javascript menus Examples

Navigation is a key part of your every website, Designing a styling navigation is always challenging for web designers so i am presenting an awesome collection of javascript menu navigation’s for the inspiration of web designers lets have a look at beautiful example of javascript and css menus.
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Mobile blogging made easier

Blogging has really taken off in a big way in the last couple of years or so, and it’sno surprise that during the same period, smartphones and tablet computers have exploded onto the scene too.

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Free Ways to Get Back Links for Your Small Business

Search engine optimization makes the web site existence broader and highly visible at search engine there are plenty of seo firms which are offering seo services all over the world some of them charge reasonable charges while others extremely high which the small and medium size business can’t afford so what should they do for sale their products, services and making their business visible and successful at internet? I will advise them do it yourself!! seo is smarter and broader field but it is not a rocket science you can do it in your own way there are some great ways to get back links for your site which are quite easy, important, effective, valuable and above all free !!
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How to Improve your Writing Skills and Make Money

One of the major things the internet has brought about is the ability to make money by writing from the comfort of your home. In most cases, you don’t even have to pay for anything. All you need to do is know what you are doing, have the right approach and make money writing. I have been writing for income for almost a year now, and I have learned a lot within that period. In this article I share with you tips to help you improve your writing skills and make more money.
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10 Best WordPress Twitter Plugin to Spice Up Your Blog

WordPress has improved the blogging world for almost eight years now. One of the best things about WordPress is how easy it is to download and install Plugins (other programs) that allow you to easily customize your site and make it look like you have all the magical tricks it takes to design a professional site.
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How to Rank High in Yahoo Best Seo Tips for Yahoo

Any person who intends to build a successful business should definitely consider Yahoo ranking besides some other important things. Although most people believe that Google is the most important search engine, they must be aware of the fact that the businesses which are present only on one search engine cannot really deliver the expected business outcomes. If you also intend to promote your business on Yahoo, there are a few essential SEO techniques that you should take into account.
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7 Tips for Moderating Facebook Photographs

Picture sharing on Facebook has become one of the social networking site’s most popular and favorite features. With approximately half of a billion users spread across the world, Facebook’s picturing sharing abilities offer friends and family the chance to keep up with each other. No matter how many miles separate them, grandparents and relatives on both side of the family can watch how children are growing when parents do a quick and easy upload to their facebook account.
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The Page Rank myth.. Has Google hidden the Page Rank or what???

Yesterday I looked up my site page rank I was shocked to see (N-A) from PR 3 then I went through other sites and found there were all either showing “N-A” or ”0” I tried other plug-in and tools but the result was same. I thought there was again some updates of PR, now it has become a mystery what is Google going to do with page rank is it going to hide page rank from the third party or there is something else? Then being as SEO I tried to figure out this issue and I am almost succeed.
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