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Seo Tips and Seo Techniques for Effective Link Building

Well if it is said that seo has become essential and indispensable so it won’t be strange at all, this is a competitive era for winning the SERP (search engine page result/ranking)
war you need various seo tips and techniques. Whether your are a webmaster, professional blogger or amateur you can’t take your site or blog higher in SERP’s without effective link building strategies however you have a unique, fresh and original content too.

Here in this article I am going to describe some easy and effective seo tips for linkbuilding.

1. Blogs commenting
2. Forum posting
3. Guest blogging/posting
4. Article marketing/submission
5. Social bookmarking
6. Web directories
7. Social networking/ social media optimization

1. Blogs commenting

Blogs are amazing way to get back links at no cost, it is a helpful and useful way to get high PR (page rank) and make your keyword phrases more visible at SERP’s ranking,
Generally there are two types of blogs

Do follow
No follow

Mostly blog owners/ web masters uses the no follow attribute for preserving the credibility and PR for their web pages but this is still not worthless as yahoo and ASK also count the no follow links as back links and this is helpful method for driving traffic too. There are millions of blogs but they are all not relevant to your niche first of all find one which are relevant to your niche, theme or category to gain more benefit.

for example: if your site is about on educational services you shouldn’t go for the entertainment or sports blog post cause it won’t help you to build credibility and authority of your web pages in the eye of search engines.

Here is a helpful image for the seo newbies how to put your website URL at the comment box and obtain link from it

It is the print screen of the comment box in which you can see the three things


You can put your keyword in the name box for getting link from it for free, but while commenting on a blog post you should avoid certain things.

Don’t spam.
Avoid keywords stuffing in the comment body.
Don’t use this kind of words such as “nice post”, “great article”, “thanks for sharing” etc.
Be on the topic try to add reply helpful for others too.
Don’t copy other’s comments.

2. Forum posting

Forums are also play vital role for generating traffic and creating back links if they are properly, elegantly & wisely used. Before joining a forum one must
Check these things which will help him/her ahead.

Choose the forum to your niche
Choose one with high PR and good alexa rank.
Read the guidelines carefully.
Abide by the rules & regulations.
Avoid spam.

How to use forums ?

• After choosing the selective forums create a profile put your web site or log URL first at the control panel section,then go for signature (if the forum rules & regulations allowed signature) and put your keywords there using BB Code.

• if the forum rules & regulations don’t allow signature be patience & do contribute in the forum discussion in a positive way some forums requires 20, 30, 50 or x. no. of quality posts to allow signatures.

• Don’t join too many forums as it will be profile link spamming and you won’t be able to contribute all of them.

• After joining a forum, don’t be idle keep visiting and posting in it other wise you will be banned.

• Don’t abuse the signatures.

• Use signature in the qualitative replies mostly.

• If you are pointing out someone reply with quote.

3. Guest blogging/posting

Guest blogging is an excellent way to grab a inbound link specially for newbie site or blog because it takes time for them to become authoritative site, no matter
how useful and qualitative content you put on your site it if it is new or have a few visitors all your efforts and hard work may go in vain, in this circumstances you
need a little push and appreciation which can be achieved by guest posting.

If you put the same article at some highly authoritative site as guest post you can grab more benefits in shape of a vital back link with referral traffic. Once your
guest posts become popular your site or blog also gain popularity and people start taking interest into your articles now you can divert them into your own site and
start publishing your valuable content on your own site.

4. Article marketing/submission

Despite of hitting hard by “google panda” article directories are still useful al though they have no much significant as they got in past but not worthless too, search engines
are the philanderer of a girl called “content”, if your content is new, original & unique you can make the most it through article marketing to grab the back links and loyal visitors
as well.

Here I would like to mention one thing you might have noticed that many people say on forums and their blog posts that article marketing is useless if you can write and have a
qualitative content then why don’t you put it on you site or blog?

Well I partially agree with them.

First of all they should know what is the niche of the person who is going towards article marketing? if one has technology blog or web site then he/she should prefer to writing on
their own site rather than go for article submission their worthwhile content but on the other hand a person which have a commercial site, an organization, a shopping portal,
an educational site, a service provider or sports stuff?? etc he has got no better option for submitting article in the authoritative directories cause there is no place on his site where
he can publish that article even it is relevant to it’s site niche.

So the sum up article marketing still has got potential not worthless too & can play an important role for creating back links if it is used on right way…

5. Social bookmarking

social bookmarking has also become an essential part of seo strategies, it is also one the best and free way to grab traffic, inbound links, link popularity and better SERP position.

Wikipedia defines Social bookmarking as:
“Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks of resources online. Unlike file sharing the resources themselves aren’t shared, merely bookmarks that reference them.”

Whenever you share or submit a new story (may be home page/inner page/ sub page) you are putting this in front of vast number of visitors of the site, you bookmarks are as public and can be seen by every one who is searching those specific keywords and if he finds that helpful he may vote or share your bookmarks which increase the popularity and enhance the credibility of your site.

Here are some seo tips for social bookmarking

• Always share the qualitative content of your site

• Use major keywords in title

• Put the meta description in the description box or the content which describes the submitted page accurately.

• Also use keywords in the tags

• Make it publically

Benefits of Social bookmarking

• Fastest way of indexing the web pages
• Increase the authority and credibility of the web pages
• More visibility at SERP’s
• Helps increase in PR (page rank)
• Way of back links (although many social bookmarks site uses no follow attribute) but however you can gain back links from other views who find your bookmarks interesting and informative
and share it to social networks, which may help you getting indirect inbound links.

6. Web directories

Web directories have their existence since there was no search engine it used to assist people to find their searches in a better and easy way, web directory is one the easiest way to get free
one way link with very less effort as compare to article marketing, blogs commenting and guest posting which takes time, knowledge, skills and efforts.

one must consider these things while submitting a site to a web directory

Choose the better alexa directory
Choose the relevant for your niche
Choose the the high PR directories
Choose the appropriate category which is relevant to your niche
Put your desired keyword in the title box

7. Social networking / social media optimization

Social media optimization is a latest branch of seo, social networking can boost your seo strategies and can have a good impact on your seo techniques, social networking sites such as
Face book, LinkedIn and twitter have got millions of active users and google plus also created by google to compete them.

The question is how we can make the most of these sites for our seo linkbuilding process?


Facebook is the the largest social networking site having more than 750 million active users it offers free business and fan pages for your business or organization you just need to do these steps

Create a page
Create a user name
Fill your info tab with you company info and put a website link there too
Fill “about” tab describe your business page
Keep sharing the content of your website to the page
Suggest the page to your friends, family, colleagues and post the link on the similar pages.
Interact, communicate and motivate your fans to take participate
Add pictures with caption and little description


LinkedIn is also great social platform you can optimize your profile like a CV the most amazing thing is LinkedIn offers 3 websites tab in your profile. There are many groups on LinkedIn through
Which you can learn and share ideas.


although twitter is less social than face book and LinkedIn but it has got great process of “follow” many people who follows you sees your tweets which is great sign.

There are some twitter tips for seo

choose a username wisely, preferably your domain name.
Put your little introduction and web site on the info tab.
Keep tweeting interesting and informative stuff even it doesn’t belong to your site.
Keep following your niche or profession people.
Also retweet the knowledgeable links of the people you are following.