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Seo Tips for Writing a Link Worthy Content

In search engine optimization field the content is called “king” for its significant which is quite right if the content is qualitative, useful, original and well written as well. Since the Google panda smashed the low quality content and later on Google farmer added more fuel into the fire in destroying the low quality content sites from a little blog to a massive ezine articles. So now content has become more significant and powerful weapon to rule at search engine results page (serp). If you have a good qualitative content so it not only makes it feasible to gain more back links without too much effort and money but it also help to increase the visibility of the web pages at search engine.

Here in this article I tried to assemble some effective seo techniques and tips for writing a valuable content.

Set an attractive title:

Choose a title with your key phrases which catch the visitor’s attention and interest which compel them to read the entire article.

Research the topic:

when you are going to write on some particular subject you must have enough knowledge about it you should research more about it to filling the lack of your knowledge and to know the other author’s views about that particular article which they wrote in their own way now you have a better idea what they wrote so well and what are the missing points in their content, so you can make the most of it by writing it according to your knowledge, experience, other’s experiences and by adding those points which were missing in their articles, hence you have a better and unique content with additional information.

Use heading tags:

Use heading tags in the article such as H1 in the title and H2 in sub headings, write elegantly and divide the content into proper paragraphs.

Use bold, italic and underline:

Don’t forget to highlight your keyword or major points with bold, italic and underline features.

Uniqueness & quality:

Uniqueness doesn’t mean that you have an original and qualitative content. Uniqueness refer that how well you have gathered the information, made it useful by using your own knowledge & experience and presented it elegantly like no one else did before. Remember never use copy paste and never compromise on quality. Low quality content doesn’t mean that your content is not unique but it fails to grab the visitor’s interest in your article because you failed to provide the qualitative and useful information despite having an attractive title.


Try to innovate something which wasn’t delivered well before, add something new and unique in it by some interesting points and tips.

Use images:

Action speaks louder than words some times images can be more useful and valuable than the words for instance: it may lead a full article to write or describe “link wheel” (a seo term) which is quite time taking but on the other hand a one picture can describe “link wheel” better than those words and it will take less time too, so use the thumbnails relevant to the content which makes the content more valuable and comprehend.

Include unusual things:

Don’t be so much formal, make your article interesting along with information by adding a bit humor, show you enjoy writing and love to write for people’s help.

Avoid keyword stuffing:

Place your keywords wisely in the article body (if needed and suited) other wise don’t use them cause it will be a keyword stuffing (black hat tactic) avoid using plenty of key phrases in anchor text which divert the readers attention on the topic and in result they may loss their interest into the article.


Be concise but comprehensive readers doesn’t have time to go through x-thousands words of lengthy article especially when it doesn’t contain on the information they needed.

Share your article on social media:

Writing a thorough and informative content isn’t enough at least for seo perspective until you market it. If you have a great content do share it on social media it will not increase the number of potential and loyal visitors on your site but can also provide the indirect back links to your site.


In the last don’t forget to sum up your valuable and informative points described in the article, share your personal experience and views about the content material and if possible try to add the reference sites which provided you the resources, which helped you writing on certain topic.