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Which is more important? Back links or content?

When it comes to SEO techniques, there is always debate as to what are the best techniques to utilize for SEO, and which should be given the most time and effort. There are many different techniques to use, all with different effects on SEO results. Techniques can range from black hat, which are the unethical and generally go against the guidelines set out by search engines. When Google discovers these techniques, it generally results in low or no rankings, or being completely removed from the Google search results. White hat SEO techniques are performed with Google guidelines in mind, and are the ethical way of performing SEO.

As Google search algorithms change, the way Google sees SEO techniques also changes. An example of this is using links as part of an SEO campaign. There was a time when obtaining links for your site through paid directories was an excellent way of gathering ‘link juice’ for a client’s website. When Google found links to a client’s website, it gave a bit of a boost to the particular keyword that was linked on the site. However, since the changes to the Google algorithm over the past year, links are no longer as effective as they once were, and some links are doing more harm than good.

Does it matter if I do one or the other?

Obtaining paid links is something that anyone can carry out, and the last few Google algorithm changes have seen the power of paid links slowly drop, and not deliver the same benefit they once used to bring. This is due to the fact that anyone could pay for links, without any consideration for the type of site or the quality of its products or services offered. By reducing the importance of paid links, and in some instances paid links offering no value to a site, SEO strategies had to change focus. This is where content based SEO strategies started to grow in force, and continues to do so.

How is focusing on content a better strategy for SEO?

A focus on content for SEO gives a chance of obtaining better rankings due to the fact that more effort is required when it comes to content. Previously, all content needed to do was to include the keywords being targeted, and readability wasn’t really considered. However, the last few Google algorithm changes have seen more emphasis placed on content, and the techniques used for content have changed. Writing good quality content that incorporates keywords in a readable manner is the way to go. Keywords need to be skillfully blended into the content, and not be overused or added in such a way that sentences don’t make much sense.