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Monthly Archives: September 2014

A Guide to Coming Up With a Foolproof Web Design Strategy

Having a great web design is the key to getting the maximum number of visitors and conversions. In fact, you could find that re-designing your current website could give you amazing results. However, first you need to know exactly what … Continue reading

How to Hire an Expert When You’re Struggling to Keep Up with SEO

Small businesses and sole traders often prefer to manage their own SEO practices and web presence. But some business people don’t have the time or the skills to take care of their SEO. Even for those who are willing and … Continue reading

Organic Search Engine Optimization Isn’t Dead! Here’s Why

In the search engine optimization world, there are two ways of getting traffic to your website. The first is with organic search engine results, and the second is paying for some targeted traffic. With the latter option, most people use … Continue reading

Debunked: 2014’s Top SEO Myths Exposed

Search engine optimization is a hot topic when it comes to raising the awareness of a website. SEO is a valid and essential part of any web design project. Without it, no-one will be able to find your website! Many … Continue reading

Here’s the Secrets to Growing Your Instagram Followers

Social networks have become an essential tool for both personal and business internet users. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are the best places online to hear news, gossip and promote your new products or services. You obviously want your … Continue reading

Internal Linking and SEO Practices: How to Make Your Company More Visible

SEO is not just a buzzword. It is a clear marketing method that is only going to get bigger and better. SEO methods are constantly changing to suit the changes within search engines. With this in mind, you need to … Continue reading

Tips for Setting up Your Own Online Ecommerce Store

If you currently offer a service or product but aren’t online, an ecommerce store could be perfect for you. The magical world wide web gives you the opportunity to reach a global market with your service or product – and … Continue reading

The Beginners Guide to Link Building

Link building became something of a keyword in 2014. Of course, that is meant with all puns intended. Link building is fast becoming the marketers marketing method of choice. If you are new to the world of link building, it … Continue reading

The Importance of Google and Its Ability to Read Your Website

Google is the king of search engines. For those in the midst of developing an awesome SEO strategy, they are undoubtedly keen to ensure that Google likes their work. After all, Google is the most commonly used search engine. It … Continue reading