3 Internet Security Tips for Travel Bloggers

Blogging can be a really fun way to achieve your life dreams. For example, a lot of people are blogging mainly because they want to be able to make enough money without having to work under a boss so that they will be able to travel the world and live the fun life they please.

With a lot of solid mobile and broadband internet technology it is becoming extremely easy for people to maintain their blogs while traveling. In most cases, you can even get in touch with your mobile service provider to help you reserve your mobile phone number while at the same time getting in touch with your broadband ISP to see if they offer services in the area you’re visiting. Sometimes, your ISPs might not be offering support in the country to plan to visit and you are therefore left with the option of using the resources in the country you are visiting.

It doesn’t matter what your circumstances is, it is very important to read this post if you are a blogger who loves to travel a lot.

Be Careful with How You Use Public Cafés

Things can start to get really difficult and complicated once you start blogging on the travel. There can be many reasons for that, but the main reason is that you are no longer at the comfort of your home and you therefore have to learn to make effective use of everything around you.

One thing about us bloggers is that we can hardly do without access to the internet in any single day so even if we don’t have personal access we decide to use the nearest cafe. A lot of things have happened in cafes, and a lot still will. It is important for you to ensure you don’t use any of your sensitive details on a public computer – the reason for this is that a key logger or any software might have been installed on that computer to capture your details and as a result your blog that you have been building for years and that is feeding your lifestyle might end up being hacked.

Don’t Just Connect to Public Wireless Hotspots

The next step you should pay a lot more attention to is that of connecting to public wireless networks. It doesn’t matter whether it is the network in the airport or that in the local coffee shop of the country you just visited it is very important that you don’t just connect to any wireless network. There has been a lot of stories about passwords and other sensitive details being sniffed over an unsecure wireless network so make sure you don’t use sensitive details on an unsecure wireless network everyone has access to.

Beware of what You Let Strangers Help You With

The final tip in this email is that you should be careful with how strangers help you. When you have problems with your laptop computer or your internet connection and a stranger is willing to help you make sure you don’t just give in. If there is a certified engineer around then take your problems to him or her. Sometimes, some little insignificant things can make so much of a difference.

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