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4 Marketing Lessons My Coupon Blog Taught Me

14 Nov 2011 By

If you had been struggling to get more visitors to read your daily blog posts, there is every possibility that you are missing out on doing good marketing for your blog. Like I did with my coupon blog that features weight watchers discounts and ediets coupons when I realized I wasn’t getting a reasonable amount of traffic to it, I started off with a strict marketing campaign which launched my blog into the lime light and increased my daily blog readers.

I want to share some of the marketing lessons I’ve learnt from promoting my coupon blog with you in this guest post today. You are probably going to feel like you’ve heard a lot of these marketing ramblings but your traffic hasn’t increased a bit – don’t worry, I believe that after reading my article you’ll to start getting more traffic to your blog.

Be Ready to Take Risks

One of the many reasons a lot of we bloggers aren’t getting reasonable amount of traffic to out blogs is because we are just too afraid to take risks. You must have come across many tips that might have jolted you off your seats, but then you were too scared to take actions.
The same was my story when I first decided to start marketing my blog: I felt like, “what would that blogger feel of me if I submitted that guest article to him and he rejects it?” Until I broke off that idea I never got good traffic to my blog.
Are you ready to take risks and move your blogging career to the next level? What steps have you taken to make things change?

Be Aggressive

One other thing I can say I learnt from my coupon blog is that it pays to be aggressive than to remain too passive. Being aggressive might mean that those places where your proposals have been rejected would finally consider accepting your proposal.
If you come up with an idea which sounds cool to you, you don’t want to kill and bury it because someone has said it’s not a good idea. You might want to try other people and hear their opinions.
In-fact, I’ve learnt to always keep trying no matter what form of failure I might have faced in the past because of my steps and actions.

Be Creative

Being creative will help you stand out from the crowd and keep you afloat your competitors. I’ve learnt, through the process of marketing my coupon blog, that it’s good to be creative as this will open chances of getting your blog to better places.

There are better chances for you to grow your blog if only you are creative. If you are creative you may not even need to be a smart guy before you succeed and start making money as a blogger.

Never Stop Learning

Learning is part of life. When I started my first start up, I thought I would reach a stage that I wouldn’t have to learn any more stuffs from anyone else. Marketing for my coupon blog has actually proved otherwise. The fact is that learning is a process that transcends age or respect, as you can learn new things from anybody.

Once you stop learning is when you start digging your own grave, we learn new things everyday and what we learn helps us in every aspect of our lives – especially in our business.

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