5 Ideas To Help You Become Better Web Designer

Unlike other kinds of design, web design too keeps on changing with changing time. Therefore the web designers need to upgrade themselves on regular basis as per the latest trend in order to design creative website. Since couple of years web design has seen a number new ideas and latest trends making the field pretty dynamic.


Nowadays, you will find the website designs becoming more interactive, hence content used at these places are displayed considering this factor. The focus therefore goes beyond any creative canvas; it is more about pulling the users towards them and getting them engaged over the website. Let’s look at some of the top creative design ideas of web design in the following article:

1) The use of attractive graphics and displays:

There are many websites which make the site different from others. You as a website designer can use a number of creative concept and layout to pull the users. But still you cannot be sure about the time any net user can spend on the website and read the website message. At such juncture the interactivity factor can help the user to get involved over the webpage. Hence some action has to be allotted to the user instead of rendering simple text based content. With the help of attractive graphics and displays, you can involve the users at the same time deliver them the message.

2) Enhance all the common elements:

Any creative kind of website will always focus on using good layout and color. This means that many of the elements may not find the same attention as it deserves. For instance the site map is always presented in a poor format without any creativity. What is the reason of putting these elements like the site map in a creative way? The answer is simple; you just have to get rid of the traditional way of presentation. Thus by displaying the site maps considering the interactivity factor, you can compel the user to see the site map. The classic example is the website of Harry Potter; this place is as creative as the books of J.K.Rowling.

3) Encourage action from the users:

The end goal of any website is to encourage the users to perform some action over the webpage. These actions can include registering for some free trial or sending any enquiry about the service. Now you as a web designer should think of the next action to move ahead in the advance level. Here you need to think of some creative ways to capture the attention of the users. Again this has to be done considering the interactivity factor.

4) Engage users when they perform any action:

There is wide range of websites which caters different service for different kind of users. For instance, if you visit any shopping website, you will find a number of products which are meant to be sold to the consumers. This site design may fail to direct the users to any particular kind of items. Hence the users may not have the patience to take the pain to find the appropriate product. Hence you need to design the tabs in such a way that the users can find things easily and thus get involved at the same time. In this way the users get involved while taking any action over the website.

5) Add the element of interactivity in the website design:

With the factor of interactivity you can increase the ‘wow’ factor of the website. However, creating such interactions with the users can take months and certainly people cannot afford to wait this long. The good news is it’s possible to build the interaction with less time and without the knowledge of Flash. Such interactions are possible with the help of couple of software including the Raptivity Web Expert. This software creates the interactivities with the help of simple wizard based customization. Hence you get interaction with no time spent in any kind of programming.

The five ideas discussed above in the article highlights a number of vital tips to embark with effective kind of web design. Indeed many of the talented and skilled designers are aware of these points; however, they are often seen overlooking them. If you are among such web designers, make sure you abide by these ideas as discussed above in this article and embark with some incredible kind of web designs.

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