6 Social Media Secrets You Need To Know

Social media marketing is one of the easiest and cheapest marketing tools that you have. When you need to boost your business potential, there is just one way to do it. If you find social media confusing, you might fear the unknown. The truth is that using social media to gain new business is easy when you know how. Harnessing the power of online users will mean that more people know about you and more people use your business. Here are six social media secrets you should know.

Social Media Secrets

Timing is everything, so schedule wisely

When you are planning social media posts, you need to think about your timing. You need to post things when people are online and relaxing. When do people procrastinate the most? Posting relevant, intelligent content when people are online is sure to win you new clients. Aim for peak usage times. The best times to post are in the morning before people start work, at lunchtime and in the late evening. Those are prime times and will get you the best results.

Photos and videos are the most-shared things online

If you’re not sure what to post online, stick to a few golden rules. Always think about whether people will share or retweet your content. When people share your posts online, others see your name, and that means that more people know about your company. Post photos and videos online as much as you can. When you are sending out a simple tweet, add a photo to it. You are twice as likely to get people to share your posts if they have a photo.

Outsourcing your social media duties will save time

If you don’t have the time to maintain your social media platforms, you need to find somebody who does. Outsourcing your social media activity means that you have more time to run your business. Every company needs a strong social media presence. Find an expert company, such as Serp Shake, to take care of your marketing. When you outsource this side of your business, you can still have complete control.

Let your clients contribute

Getting your clients involved online is a great way to boost your social media potential. Have your clients share tips and hints with your followers. That way, you will flatter your clients, by letting them know that they are valuable. You will also ensure that more people see your posts. When your clients contribute, they will also share your posts. That means that all their business contacts will hear about you too.

Always ask questions and spark debate

Sometimes people will tell you that controversy is a bad thing. The opposite is true. There is nothing like asking a controversial question to get attention. When you ask people about touchy subjects, like politics, they love to get involved. That means that loads of people will interact with you online. Ask people a question or post a link to a controversial article. In doing so, you will get people’s attention.

Understand your audience

When you post things online, you need to make sure that you are thinking about your readers. You need to keep a strong tone that your readership can understand. When you stray from your core values, people will dislike you. Before you post anything online, think about how it might come across to your audience. The last thing you want is for people to stop following you online. You should aim to be controversial so that you spark debate, but refrain from being offensive in any way. Remember, you are the voice of your readers.

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