7 Advantages of Using Automated Appointment Reminder Call Service in Healthcare

Even though a lot of business is completed online these days, you still have huge parts of industry dealing with face-to- face meetings. Whether you are interacting with fellow employees of a company,or clients, it is important to have a way of ensuring appointments are not missed. Not only do missed appointments create frustration on both sides, but they are a hindrance to improving your productivity. With all of this in mind, here is a look at six advantages of using automated appointment reminder calls.


1. Minimizing the Cancellations

One of the biggest reasons to go with an automated system is to ensure there are as few cancellations as possible. These are the appointments that cost a lot of time and money – because nothing gets done during those missed hours. Studies have shown that using the automated service is much better than mailing or emailing reminders.

2. Improve Use of Free Slots

Even when you minimize cancellations, you are not going to get a 100 percent success rate when it comes to completing appointments. Some cancellations are going to happen – whether there is an issue at your end or at the other party’s end. But the automated system can help you create new appointments in place of the cancellations, instead of letting those time periods go to waste.

3. Save Staff Time

Instead of having your staff handle these issues, the automated system frees them up to focus on other work. Your staff members will feel less burdened with frustrating customer service work.

4. Improve Satisfaction of Customers

Your customers will most definitely thank you when they realize your staff are not busy handling unnecessary reminder calls to your clients. Reminder calls are also great because they allow for your clients and customers to easily reschedule an appointment if they have an emergency or another commitment. It is much easier than the old system of having to contact your staff and wait for the staff member to contact you before a rescheduling can be arranged.

5. Quick Reports

With the automated system, you receive reports about appointments in real time. Whether your appointment is going ahead or it is being cancelled, you are informed about these changes instantly. It is so much easier than having to wait for your staff members to tell you about the situation.

6. Guarantee of Being On-Time

The automated system will never get delayed. If you want the system to send the reminders at 9am on a Monday morning each week, it is going to go out like clockwork at that time and day. And when the system is set up, you do not have to worry about it or constantly update the settings. The only time you have to complete updates is when you want to change your automated message or alter the time when the messages are sent out.

These six tips will ensure you have a much smoother process of dealing with face-to- face appointments and their scheduling, which will result in greater productivity for your business.

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