7 Tips for Moderating Facebook Photographs

Picture sharing on Facebook has become one of the social networking site’s most popular and favorite features. With approximately half of a billion users spread across the world, Facebook’s picturing sharing abilities offer friends and family the chance to keep up with each other. No matter how many miles separate them, grandparents and relatives on both side of the family can watch how children are growing when parents do a quick and easy upload to their facebook account.

If you are not currently using Facebook’s picture sharing than you are truly missing out on a wonderful opportunity to let your special moments be enjoyed by those who care the most. Not only individuals but also businesses are using photo sharing, giving them the chance to promote their product and draw interest to their services. Below you will find 7 simple tips to help you get the most out of picture sharing with Facebook, whether you are a new proud parent or a small business entrepreneur.

1. Naming Albums

When you upload pictures to facebook, they are automatically stored into an online “album”. These albums can be easily arranged and changed to suit your personal needs. The first thing you should do when creating an album is to name the album. Although albums are automatically named after the date of their upload, the title “June 3, 2010” is not going to inspire anyone to look at them. Instead, choose a title such as “Welcome Home Jeremiah” to invite relatives to enjoy viewing photos of the day your nephew came home from Afghanistan.

2. Custom Cover

When you upload an album of pictures, Facebook automatically selects one photo to be the “cover” of the album. When people look at your albums, they will only see the cover until they “open” the album from their computer. The cover photo of the album should be something that sums up the entire album showcase and let viewers know what they should expect. For instance, if you are displaying photos of your child’s first day in Kindergarten, you might want to choose a picture of her preparing to board the bus rather than the pancakes she ate for breakfast. To change the photo on your album cover, go to the album and click on the button that says “edit album”; choose the photo you want as the album cover and then click to check the box that says “this is the album cover”. Save your changes, and your new cover album will be set.

3. Arranging Photos Within An Album

Rather than just let the photos land where they may within your album, facebook picture sharing allows you to organize them in any way that you want. If you are showcasing a new building that your company constructed, Facebook will allow you to display the images step-by-step with a few simple clicks of your mouse. To arrange your photos in an album, go to your album and hover your mouse over the photo you wish to move. When the cross sign appears, simply right click and drag the photo in any direction that you wish.

4. Deleting Photos From An Album

Sometimes, we regret pictures that we upload and wish we could delete them. Thanks to the genius that designed Facebook picture sharing, it’s easy to delete some photos without deleting an entire album. Simply go to the album, click on the “edit album” button, click “edit photos”, and then click to select the “delete” button under the photo you wish to remove from your facebook album. You can delete as few or as many photos as you want, all at the same time. Be sure to save your changes or your photos will not be deleted.

5. Tagging Pictures

The ability to tag photos is a commonly used tool on Facebook. Tagging a picture gives you the opportunity to draw special attention to a certain photograph. For instance, if you want to show your daughter in college a picture of something your dog did while she was away, you can tag the picture with her name so it will show up on her profile and within her notifications. To tag a photo, go click on the “edit album” button and click on “edit photos”; choose the photo you want to tag and left click on it. When you left click on a photo, a “tag” box will appear; type in the name of the person you want to “tag”, press the “tag” tab, and then save your changes.

6. Add A Lot Of Photos!

Especially if you are using photos to show-case your business or product, it’s important that you continue to consistently add pictures. Adding photos on a regular basis will keep interest in your albums and keep people coming back to see more.

7. Be Personal

Even if you are a big business with a Facebook page to draw customers to your office products, it doesn’t mean that your photo albums should be impersonal and cold. The social networking system is an opportunity for personal interaction and your potential customers want just that. Don’t be shy about showing off photos of employees hard at work or even goofing off at the office in addition to images of your products. There is nothing better for business than a feeling of personal connection with your customers.

It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner or someone who just wants to keep up with friends and family online, Facebook’s picture sharing is definitely a tool that everyone can use in all aspects of their lives.

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