8 Reasons Why You Need to Understand Responsive Web Design

If you don’t know about responsive web design, RWD, you’re missing out on customers. Online traffic is one of the biggest reasons why you need to understand responsive web design, but there are 7 other reasons you also can’t ignore.


Web Design – “One-Size-Fits-All” No Longer Applies

The age of personal computers is over. Now, more people are getting online with smartphones, tablets and other devices, even when using their home Internet service. Responsive web design provides optimal viewing for websites across a variety of online devices, from the standard desktop to the newest mobile phone.

It’s very difficult to overhaul web pages, update programming language and re-arrange entire designs. But you’ve got to do it. There are at least 6 good reasons why.


Prevent Traffic from Going to Your Competition

If you don’t re-arrange your web pages and re-optimize them for responsive web design, your competition will get your traffic. Other Internet sites are using RWD. Web surfers will simply get their information from someone else, and you’ll miss out.

Get Viewability Across Multiple Devices

According to Mashable, tablet sales are going to exceed 100 million in 2013. People like to reach their favorite sites across multiple gadgets. They check in on content using their computer at work, the laptop at home, their smartphones in the car. If your site isn’t viewable across all these platforms, it’s going to cause users a lot of frustration.

Optimize for Ever-Developing Apps

Apps are the hot thing in all mobile devices. Many popular websites have created their own apps to make their pages more accessible. Responsive web design allows you to optimize your pages for mobile apps and add-ons.

Adjust Your Pages for Varying Screen Size

Why do you need responsive web design? Screen size. Websites optimized for a computer screen will be difficult to see on a smartphone, which have smaller screens. Viewers have to scroll up, down, right and left to view information that’s optimized for a different-sized screen.

Build a Consistent, Recognizable Brand

Web devices may adjust pages for mobile viewing. However, many elements of your page might change when you go from viewing it on a computer to viewing it on a phablet. Certain functions and features might disappear. This kind of inconsistency makes it difficult for you to build a solid brand. Responsive web design maintains the look of your pages across platforms.

Stay Ahead of the Technology

Why use RWD? If for no other reason, you ought to optimize your pages for responsive web design to keep up with the changing times. Today it’s phablets and tablets that are all the rage, but some new device is bound to hit the market. If your pages are already optimized, you’ll be ready to accept traffic viewing your site on their new devices. Staying up to date is important in the fast-moving world of the Internet.

Make Your Site More Responsive

The way people are viewing the Internet is changing, and you’ve got to respond to stay in the game. Use responsive web design…before your site falls too far behind the curve.

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