8 Tips You Need To Know About Building Contextual Links

Getting started on a link building campaign and actually sticking to it is two of the most tedious things you can do in the SEO world.

This simple fact is true, because if you are going to build the best types of links possible, you are going to have to do the same thing you do for your web site for other peoples’ websites – except you are going to have to do it a little better. And it is all about creating the best content possible.

But building links is more than just creating the best types of content. Imagine a world where search engines don’t use links as a way to generate PageRank and rank sites in their SERPs. Imagine a world where links are highly thought out and developed roads created for traffic, and that each link you built meant more than just a +1 on that “LD” number is your SEO quake bar. If you are doing this, you are imagining a world that took place right around the time that Google started up. Links were a way of getting people to your website through referrals of other websites.

This is still the case today

But to a way much lesser degree. This is because guest posting, and to a greater extent, blog commenting and article and directory submissions, have been badly taken advantage of. So the first thing you want to keep in mind when building links is that you do not want to abuse link building. Everything you put up on the Internet should be put up with a purpose and should be put up to add value. Not only with value to the Internet, but with value to your site. Coming up with value takes time and…

Because of that it is very hard to scale up white label link building.

Two different business models, whether it be on the Internet, or out in the real world, involve scaling up volume, or producing better quality. It is very hard to achieve both (although it can be done). The same concept takes place in the art of link building. The more links that you try to build in a designated time, the more likely it is that you will be sacrificing a lot of quality in not only your writing, but your whole approach towards link building. There are a few things that can help with this that includes…

Obtaining the right Internet marketing tools, and organizing your workflow in a very efficient manner.

Obtaining the right tools will allow you to cost-effectively help with the mountain of data entry that can come with link building (especially if you are an SEO company that offers link building services). Link building software helps make your life easier, and allows you to scale up your efforts while continuing to create value on the Internet and value for yourself.

PageRank is not a magic number.

Many times, people exclude many great web sites because of the PageRank not matching up to their qualifications. There are many things wrong with this other than the fact that PageRank does not update but every 3 or more months or so. You should build a link based on the fact of whether or not it can pull traffic into your website. If you will be able to build traffic off of it, then you should always do it. That is the golden rule of link building.

It is also wise to remember that many great sites may not have a great PageRank. And even if you see a site that has the potential to be a great web site, you should still get a link from that site – as the older and better the web site gets, the older and better your link will be on the page. Search for user activity on the blog. How many comments are each and every blog post getting? How many Twitter followers and Facebook likes does it have? What is its Alexa rank? And does the blogger update the blog frequently? What kind of quality is the blogger putting up in his posts? Is he…

Avoiding duplicate content?

Rehashed topics is something that happens both accidently and on purpose in the Internet world. Try to avoid rehashing the same topics over and over again. This includes a biography that may come along with guest posting. You want to make sure that not only is your content 100% original, but so is your biography as well as your linking structure.

You want to make sure that you are using a healthy mix of anchor texts

When you are link building. You want to have a mix of anchor texts that includes phrases such as “click here” and “studies show” and you also want to have anchor texts that are quite lengthy (4 to 5 words long) and anchor texts that are shorter (1-3 words long) with keyword phrases that you are aiming for sprinkled within them. That being said, you still want to do a very strong dose of whatever it is you are targeting in terms of your main keyword phrases, especially if you are just starting out as it will allow you to jump from, for example, page 11 to page 6 in the SERPs in a heartbeat.

Anything you write should not only be highly entertaining and informative, but also optimizes for the search engines

Since you are not only building links, but also trying to get more visitors to your site, you want to make sure that you are writing topics that can be easily linked to, and therefore will perform better in the SERPs. You may even want to do some keyword research, and aiming after long-tail keywords is a great strategy when building contextual links on related web sites. The better your guest posts do in the SERPs, the more traffic you will get from them, and the longer they will continue to serve your web site a great purpose.

Aim for relevancy, but cross promotional tactics work as well.

The more relevant you get, the better Google will be able to relate your website to specific keyword phrases. However, if it makes sense to do a little bit of cross promotional marketing then you should definitely dive into it. It is a great way to engage a new market and audience, and can pull in a lot of traffic if the process is done with high quality. One great way of cross promoting is to write about a highly trending topic that is taking place in the search market and find a way to relate it to your niche. If done right it can generate a lot of buzz both with comments on the article and traffic to your site.

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