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8 Worthy Tip To Protect WordPress Site Against Malware

Indubitably, today online presence has become quite significant, but along with its benefits, there are some pitfalls as well. With the Internet, there is a great probability of getting your website hacked and attacked by some malware. This will ultimately affect your website performance and its users.

Though, WordPress is considered as the most robust and secure platform, but being a software it needs to be maintained to keep all the malicious intents at bay. This can be done efficiently by implementing some expert advice and keeping the WP website updated from time to time. Here are some proven security tips that can help you ensure a secure WordPress site by preventing malware.


Reset the default admin username and use some unique and secure name:

The most generic usernames like webadmin, administrator, etc., are observed to be a common target in the Brute Force attacks. It is also recommended to avoid the usage of those words that have been included in the URL, and keep a unique username for your website.

Keep updating your passwords:

Not only the admin password, but one should also reset the web hosting control panel and FTP passwords at regular intervals. It is advisable to create a strong password with more than 12 characters and avoid using the same passwords on multiple accounts or websites.

Keep everything updated:

Using an outdated version of WP install, plugins or themes might invite common injections or hacks. Thus, it is better to install and deploy the most recent and latest versions of the WP. Whether the latest version is a minor update or a bigger one, one should switch to the latest versions, as they often include some enhanced features, security updates and certain bug fixes.

For added security, use security plugins:

There is no dearth of plugins (including both premium and paid plugins) in the WordPress repository. You can easily find a list of efficient security plugins, simply download and install them to create an additional layer of security on your site. Installing such tools will help you concentrate on your site content as they will take care of the site security aspects.

Get rid of extraneous and outdated stuff:

It is often observed that the common security holes emerge from the things that we forget. Hence, to ensure security, it’s advisable to remove all the unused or unwanted themes and plugins from your site. This also helps you reduce the page loading time and will make your site run efficiently.

wp-config.php is quite crucial, hide it from others:

The wp-config.php file is stored at your_host/wordpress/wp-config.php location by default. You can save it in the root directory “your_host”, since WP directly check the file in this directory; if is not found in the default location, and by doing so you can hide it and avoid unauthorized access.

Download the plugins and themes from a reliable source only:

There are numerous sources that offer incredible plugins and astonishing themes, but to ensure the utmost security of your site, it is better to trust on some reputed and reliable resources only. There could be some pirated themes and plugins that can inject malware and spam bots, which can adversely impact your WP website performance and retrieve crucial data from the site.

Last but not the least – Backup your website:

Probably, you have observed the importance of taking backup of your site on a regular interval, or if not yet then it’s better to understand the significance of backup before it’s too late. People often stuck in the situations where they regret for not taking backup of their site. Hence, it’s advisable to regularly take backup of every single thing including all the important files and other content.

There are several proficient softwares that help backup WP sites. For instance, BackupBuddy is a great software that allows one to schedule database backups and complete site backups. It saves all the backups on a separate server, which is quite beneficial, because if the site and its backup are stored on the same server it’s possible that your backup will also get affected. It is advisable to hire some expert professional and learn how to install the software setup and frequently schedule your site backups.

These are a few of the efficient tips that can help prevent malware from attacking your WordPress site and degrading its performance. Use them and reap the benefits of the rapidly growing WordPress platform.


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