Back To Basics: The Fundamentals Of Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great SEO tool. Although there are hundreds of SEO ‘essentials’, there are only a few that work effectively, and video marketing is one of the few. So, your business needs to start incorporating video search engine optimization into its site soon. But, how do you do it?

Video marketing is essential, yet that doesn’t make it easy. If you don’t know what you are doing, you are going to get it wrong and waste a lot of time and energy. What you need to do is go back to basics and start fresh.


Optimization Basics

Before you start jumping the gun, you need to start off with the simple stuff, and it doesn’t get any simpler than optimizing your video. By optimizing the videos, you are making it easier for users to find and view the content. Begin with the video title. The title needs to be relevant and something that web surfer would type in when they search. The same goes for tags and descriptions, too. Next, make sure you are using social media to your advantage. The more platforms you use to share your content, the more views the video will receive.

The Finished Article

Every video that you produce is a representation of your business. Plus, a poor quality video will not get any attention or at least the right sort of attention. The end product needs to be high class if you want people to view it and take notice. That means the content should be engaging, entertaining and informative, and the video should also be well edited. To get to grips with editing, you can attend training courses. An after effects training course is a great source of information for people who want to learn more about the process. Remember that your image is at stake when you advertise a video with your name.

Locate Trends And Patterns

For any video to be engaging, the video has to be something that the viewer wants to watch. Otherwise, they will click off even if it is the best-produced video on the planet. Luckily, there is a simple way to see what people like to watch – research. Head to YouTube and take a look at the YouTube Trends Dashboard. That shows you what people are watching and what the most popular form of video is at the moment. From there, you can start to think of creative and innovative ideas that web browsers want to see.

Keyword Research

Staying on the topic of research, it is also important that you know which keywords are going to be the most effective. The keywords that you use within your video will make a massive difference to your ranking on Google and other search engines. If they are not relevant, then you will get penalized as search engines don’t like irrelevant content. Think long and hard about your customer base and your product: what are people most likely to search when they think of your product?

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