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Best tips to Increase online presence of your blog

17 Jan 2012 By

Blogging is the new fad in the market. If you are among the lot, who wish to share their thoughts and vision with others, blogging can be your cup of tea. However to be a successful blogger, one has to wade his/her way through a maze of established bloggers. A lot of hard work, patience and passion go into building a successful blog.


Below I list some tips that shall help you establish as a serious blogger and gain some appreciation in the bargain.

Connect with likeminded people

An imperative of blogging is to connect with people who share the same thoughts and visions as you have. Interact with friends and colleagues on topics you wish to highlight in your blog. A worthy thought from a likeminded colleague may turn out to be your best bet. Share your vision with the family. They are your best friends and will offer valuable suggestions that can take you to great heights.

Increase your online presence

The market is full of bloggers; with lot of people sharing thoughts on topic, you intend to write about, a lot can be found online. Visit blogs similar to theme you intend to have, post comments, participate in discussions and let people know that you intend to start a blog. You will not only make worthy friends, but also gain valuable visitors who can turn your blog into a successful business venture.

Research a lot

Success comes only to those who make sincere efforts. The same holds for blogging too. Posting comments without doing adequate research can cost you a lot. Always do in depth study of the topic before you start sharing your thoughts. Coming up with relatively unknown facts on the topic can make your blog an instant hit, as the visitors will take you as a serious blogger who always does background checks before posting the information.

Use the social media to your advantage

Twitter and facebook have changed the world of online media beyond imagination. Use social media to your advantage and let the people know that you write what they want. Young people use social networking sites in increasing numbers. Maintaining your online presence cannot be easier than being on facebook and twitter. Social media offers a new world of vistas. Go for it!

Be passionate

Invoke your passion and write on topics that interest you. You will not only make a great blogger, but people will connect with you in increasing numbers as they will know that you are a subject expert.

Be interactive

Living in a cocoon is of no use. Shed all your inhibition and go all out to attract the intelligent viewers who intend to connect with you. Give them a medium to interact with you. This can be in form of guest chat and is sure to propel the prosperity graph of your blog to new heights.
Blogging is an art. It takes hard, earnest efforts in the right direction to succeed as a blogger. Follow these tips and realize your dream.

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