Best Ways Of Keyword Research

keyword-researchKeyword research

Many people outside the seo field don’t know what is keyword, in easy words keyword is a word, sentence or phrase through which you want

To search some particular thing.

Keywords research is an important part of seo (search engine optimization) process in fact it is the first step of seo success if you set right keywords. For you site it will make easy to take your website rank up and to achieve your goal for what you want to achieve from your website or blog. Once you have selected the right keywords you may get high SERP’s (search engine ranking pages) remember a visitor don’t have too much time to go through all the pages of SERP, hence it is very important to place your site on top 3 or at least first page of the search engine.

So here are some major ways of keyword research

1. Google suggest/Google auto complete

2. Google trends

3. Google adword keyword tool

4. Other keyword tool (Word tracker / Word stream/ Keyword discovery)

5. Competitor analysis

Firstly you will have to make a list of your keyword through the above methods and tool then check the completion and search rate on your keyword and then finalize your keywords.

1. Google suggest/Google auto complete

This is an easy way to select keywords through google search as google it self suggest more keywords related your keyword for ex if you type “I pod” in the search bar and wait for a while google it self bring the the top searches of I pod as you can see the searches below.

Hence with the help of this you can also choose your keywords list like

Ipod touch

Ipod nano

Ipod shuffle

Ipod classic

Ipod apps

You have an initially idea now what the hot searches are, you can keep this into your keyword list now move on other interesting tools

Google real time

As Google defines it

Use Google Real time Search to find relevant real-time updates from online services including Twitter, Facebook, Friend Feed, MySpace,, TwitArmy, and Jaiku. Search for only this kind of content by visiting time.

You can also search for real-time updates by clicking the Real time link under the “More” menu on the side of any search results page. In this Real time view, you’ll see recent posts that are relevant to your search. Tweets and other short-form updates create an ongoing commentary that can provide valuable insights into what’s happened and how people have reacted.

You can also see for more search options by clicking all results on the side of any search results page.

Wonder Wheel

It is also an interesting & informative feature of google it also shows the relevant keywords in a shape of wheel just check this & you will have a better idea.

google wonder wheel

Here you are with some other unique and relevant potential keywords such as

Ipod help

Ipod prices

Ipod support

Itunes.. etc

Reading Level

Reading level is another awesome feature of google it shows it sorts and show the results into 3 levels which are:




2. Google trends

Google trend is another amazing way through which you can also research the keywords Google Trends is a public web facility of Google. it tells how often a specific phrase or word is entered relative to the total search-volume across many regions/territories/locations of the world, and in several languages too.
Now look at the image it will further describe what is google trends and how it works.

google trend

Here is a chart showing “ I pod” results and describing when and how many times this particular has been put in google search bar and from which country, city and language this term is mostly searched so now have an additional benefit to choose your targeted traffic territory audience.
Here this graph shows the top region, cities and languages as well where this keyword “I pod” is searched mostly.

Region Cities Languages

Australia los Angeles English
Usa new York Japanese
Canada san Francisco Danish
Uk Toronto Japan Chicago

3. Google adword keyword tool

If it is said that Google adword keyword too is most important keyword research tool so it won’t be wrong. This tool not only tells you number of local and global searches and competition but also sort them into different term as your desired you can sort the results globally, relevance or through competition.

It is a screenshot of google adword tool of a keyword “I pod”

google adword

Google adword tool shows the search results very thoroughly, remember if you want to get high ranking in SERP’s you must choose the right keywords according to your targeted audience and product, choose the keywords which have less competition and more searches as it gives you fast and better result as you can see in the above image keywords I chose have a less competition and high rate of globally and locally searches..
You can also very your searches like add word “coolest” , “best” , “cheapest” before or after your keywords and refine your searches.

4. Other keyword tool (Word tracker / Word stream/ Keyword discovery)

There are some other effective tools besides google adword such as Word tracker, Word stream and Keyword discovery etc you can also make the most of it & one interesting thing they have got it,
They don’t only research keyword but also suggest you long phrases as well.

5.competitor analysis

Last but not the least it is one of the major factor of keyword research to analysis your top competitor it will not only help you selecting top notch keywords but also help you to make an effective seo plan & strategy.

Now question is this what is competitor analysis and how it is done ?
Suppose you are going to make a web site which sells used mobile phones, now to check your competitor put “used mobile phones” into google search bar and check the results they will be your competitors now choose the top 10 websites and track their keywords it will help you to evaluate your keywords list too.

Last tip: the above method will show you the thoroughly and expanded results but if you use the query “all in title “your keyword” it will make your job easy hence you can also choose the better keywords as well 🙂

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