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Cool new chat features of facebook

27 Dec 2011 By

Face book always try to bring something new and smart they introduced the subscriber feature to connect the world broadly and rapidly without harming or ruining the privacy, then recently timeline profile was launched and made it quite easy for everyone to go through their entire older posts and events without any trouble and now they added two really amusing things in chat bar.

7 Tips for Moderating Facebook Photographs

08 Oct 2011 By

Picture sharing on Facebook has become one of the social networking site’s most popular and favorite features. With approximately half of a billion users spread across the world, Facebook’s picturing sharing abilities offer friends and family the chance to keep up with each other. No matter how many miles separate them, grandparents and relatives on both side of the family can watch how children are growing when parents do a quick and easy upload to their facebook account.

Facebook subscriber button feature

19 Sep 2011 By

In the last article I highlighted the improving friend list feature but in this article we will go through the subscriber button feature and new tagging features. As Google plus entered in the social network it increased the social competition although Google plus is still far behind from face book but face book is improving their features day by day to keep it’s momentum on and to be on top. People on face book always very eager to see their favorite personalities, celebrities or athletes updates and activities on face book this is why most of them join their face book fan page for updates. Now face book give every one an epic feature of “subscribe” (optional) to connect a large number of audience around the world which sounds really cool.

Cool New Features Of Facebook

17 Sep 2011 By

Face book new features

Face book is the most popular social networking site across the world. If your are an active user of face book you have been noticing that face book privacy setting, chat bar, photos, new feed & other features have been changed and some new features have been included such as tagging review, friend lists & subscription button during last few days. Some people get irritated with these changes while some found these features cool and helpful including me. I personally liked the new subscription button and tagging review tab feature.

30+ Inspirational and Beautiful Facebook Page Designs

08 Sep 2011 By

Facebook is most popular website on the web second most visiting website according to Alexa. Facebook fan page is an important way of driving traffic to your website lots of big brand companies created their Facebook fan pages and getting handsome traffic plus lot of fans after all its free you can add ultimate events make community for your client its seo friendly and it will take 10 minutes to create.