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The Basics of Web Hosting in 2017

14 Jul 2017 By

Do you need recap on web hosting? If so, read on. Many people have gained a grasp of the basics of web hosting but have forgotten what the purpose of it is over time, so if you do need to refresh your knowledge of web hosting, this guide is for you. Website hosting provides space for websites and ensures they can be accessed by your visitors. When you use a web hosting service, your website is stored on a server in a data centre that is powered by high-speed internet around the clock.

If you are to run a successful website capable of catering for simultaneous visitors, you will need to ensure the servers and software that you are using are maintained and managed by expert professionals. Web hosting companies provide space for websites but also ensure your site can function properly. (more…)

Understanding Web Hosting Solutions

05 Jul 2017 By

Having a website has become integral to most businesses, as the amount of business leads that can be generated from online marketing can be very significant. For bigger businesses, an IT department or dedicated web developer will take on the work involved in getting a website set up. For smaller businesses though, they don’t always have the luxury or resources to have a specialist involved.

However, with the level of progress that has been made in website development over recent years, it has become much easier for those with little technical knowledge to get a website up and running themselves.

There are now a whole host of themes offered by companies such as WordPress and similar ones that are really easy to use with a bit of willingness to learn some basic fundamentals. A simple website can be up and running in less than a day, as many website services use in their advertising campaigns. There are a few things that people will need to consider when they are setting up a website for the first time and one of the biggest is web hosting.

6 Different Types Of Hosting You Should Look Into

08 Mar 2013 By

Most businesses have their own website nowadays and whilst thoughts over the design are common, less attention is given to the manner in which the site is hosted. There are several different versions and variations of web hosting available; after all, a successful website relies on variety and diversity.



If you want your website to be quick, effective and reliable, then you need the right type of hosting to support it. With this in mind, here are six different types which you should consider when making your decision: (more…)

Finding Local Alternative for Amazon Web Services!

03 May 2012 By

Amazon web services are quite reliable; the problem is that due to the great quality of service offered the cost might be a bit on the high side among other things. This especially applies to small or medium size businesses that are just starting out and may not have too much money to operate. The amount of money that Amazon charges per unit of data may be expensive in comparison to other service providers. This means that for the said businesses, cheaper alternatives would be better.

How to Choose the Right Internet Hosting Company for Your Blog

05 Sep 2011 By

When it comes to building a successful website or online business it is essential for you to know that the hosting company you choose will to a great extent determine how successful you will be. When it comes to choosing the right hosting company a lot of people just go for any company and suffer the consequences later. In order to ensure you build a great online business without experiencing hassles this article will be giving you a few tips on how to choose the right internet hosting company for your blog.

15 Tips To Select The Right Host For An Ecommerce Business

25 Aug 2011 By

One of the most critical decisions that you’ll need to make is choosing the best web hosting service for your e-commerce business. Your web hosting service operates as your partner in your online venture. If your web hosting fails, then your business fails; so be sure to research and choose your host carefully.

Top 10 Webhosting Company Review

17 May 2011 By

WEB HOSTING REVIEWSIn making a web site, one in all the foremost issues is that the internet host. The host positively contributes to the success and failure of any web site. In fact, this can be likely the explanation why web site house owners are terribly vital in selecting their host. Today, there are plenty of various hosts that supply various options and promos. Whereas the existence of the many hosts is often advantageous as a result of it provides you a lot of choices, (more…)

5 Free Magento WebHosting Services

02 May 2011 By

Magento hostingEvery magento developer need free magento hosting for testing or taking his work review online before living project for client and as a magento developer i searched a lot on the internet and i hardly found some nice free magento web hosting sites these sites are very nice and some of the sites have one click magento installer here is list of free magento hosting sites you can use them for any content management system (more…)

Basic About WebHosting

01 May 2011 By

Web hosting is very popular in the business world today. It is therefore important that everyone should have some basic knowledge about it. The process of organizing a website on the World Wide Web is used as a dwelling. The website contains several pages and graphics. When someone visits a website, are web pages to download to your system. (more…)

The advantages of web hosting services

01 May 2011 By

It is very important for entrepreneurs to know the property users and end, providing web hosting service and what are the options should be included in a plan. This helps the companies, their customers the good quality of services and clients the best service provider selected. Use of web hosting, you can create a site that offers information, images, sounds, videos, and best describes the purpose of the site. Everyone can see their products, services and ideas on the Internet. (more…)