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How to fix WordPress white screen error

30 Nov 2016 By


WordPress is indeed a powerful and most preferred CMS framework on the internet. Based on builtiwith report it powers more than 17 million websites across the internet.

But do you know there are some common issues that causes white screen error? WordPress community relate to it as White Screen of Death Error.

If your website is suffering from white screen of death error I have four steps to resolve the issue and a tip that will help you prevent this error happening again.

How to edit images in WordPress

17 Sep 2016 By

One of the key features of WordPress is the easy process for using and editing images to get the most out of your website or blog. Some sites lack basic editing tools, meaning that publishers will need to use expensive editing software such as Photoshop. For more information on editing software you can visit sites such as image editing for dummies.

With WordPress, the image editing tools are already provided so that you can spend your time doing something more productive.  You can find further information and advice for getting started with WordPress at

Let’s take a look at these handy image editing tools: (more…)

Essential Marketing Tips For Any WordPress Business

07 Jul 2015 By

WordPress is one of the most popular online content management systems and is used by many businesses large and small. Some successful companies use WordPress to present a blog to their customers, and many small businesses use the platform on its own to turn over significant profit. It’s a valuable tool, and whichever method you employ, there are some essential tips to make sure that you are getting the most out of WordPress’s potential. Read on to find out what they are.

w (more…)

WordPress Site Owners: Learn How To Market Your Website Like A Pro

25 Jun 2015 By

We all know that WordPress is a popular website publishing platform. With up to 80 million websites globally using it, there’s no denying that it’s one of the easiest ways to get your site online.

But, what some people don’t know is how to market effectively their WordPress websites! The thing about online marketing is that there are plenty of good and bad things you can do to promote your brand. So, which ways are the best for your site? Keep reading and I’ll share with you some tips on how to market your WordPress site like a pro! (more…)

Want To Create A Responsive Website – Stunning WP Themes That Can’t Be Ignored

18 May 2015 By

A ravishing layout can enhance the entire look and feel of a website. Since, design of a site plays a vital role in attracting visitors and keeping them engaged, it is worth to research well and take some time to decide an enticing web design.

Fortunately, WordPress offers an overwhelming list of themes to support almost every business type. You can find a theme to cater to your website needs, or if required, you can also tailor the design as per your specific requirements.

There are truckloads of themes available in the WP repository, and picking the best suitable from a massive list is not an easy task. Thus, to help you choose a trendy and a riveting WordPress theme from the available options, below is a list of fabulous themes that can make your website responsive. (more…)

8 Worthy Tip To Protect WordPress Site Against Malware

04 Oct 2014 By

Indubitably, today online presence has become quite significant, but along with its benefits, there are some pitfalls as well. With the Internet, there is a great probability of getting your website hacked and attacked by some malware. This will ultimately affect your website performance and its users.

Though, WordPress is considered as the most robust and secure platform, but being a software it needs to be maintained to keep all the malicious intents at bay. This can be done efficiently by implementing some expert advice and keeping the WP website updated from time to time. Here are some proven security tips that can help you ensure a secure WordPress site by preventing malware.


The Amazing Benefits of WordPress For Your Business

23 Aug 2014 By

Everyone has heard of WordPress. Whether you have their blog or website, you are undoubtedly in love with what WordPress can offer you. There is a wide range of benefits of utilising WordPress. Let’s take a look at how WordPress can benefit you and your business for the better.




12 Best wordpress Chat Plugin

24 Dec 2013 By

Nowadays everyone knows about WordPress. There are couples of WordPress chat plugin available here to connect you with your Audience and convert them into a loyal customer. The purpose of these plugins is communicating with the visitors and management also some plugin give you access to create a chat room for your registered users . In this post I will share some free WordPress chat plugin for your site, you can download them for free of cost and let me know your experience. (more…)

How to get specific category link by ID in wordpress

09 Dec 2013 By

Try this code change 5 to your specific Category id Cheers.


CMS2CMS – Automated WordPress Migration Service

26 Jan 2013 By

A decade ago creating a website was the luxury affordable only for chosen ones. Now, however, the situation is quite opposite. Thanks to development of numerous content management systems (CMS), you no longer require an expensive web developer’s services to build your blog or website. Similarly, managing and configuring a website’s appearance and functions have become much simpler tasks.