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A decade ago creating a website was the luxury affordable only for chosen ones. Now, however, the situation is quite opposite. Thanks to development of numerous content management systems (CMS), you no longer require an expensive web developer’s services to build your blog or website. Similarly, managing and configuring a website’s appearance and functions have become much simpler tasks.


Among the numerous CMS platforms, WordPress nowadays holds the leading position on the market powering 55% of CMS-driven websites in the world. The secret of its popularity lies in the open source nature, being free and incredibly user-friendly. Whether a novice or a seasoned developer, WordPress caters for anyone. It can be a CMS of choice for any type of site -from a small personal blog to a huge corporate portal. Similarly, its core functionality can be endlessly extended as your project needs and potential grow.

For the reasons stated above, many users whose websites are based on other CMS platforms, are willing to migrate to WordPress and take their content along. Traditionally, making the move involves either copy/pasting the posts manually or using custom scripts to fetch the data from the existing database and move it over to WordPress database.

However, the process of migration in this case is both tedious and complicated as the script has to be suited for each particular CMS and its version. Of course, if you don’t have the time or necessary knowledge to do the conversion yourself, there are professional services available. Depending on the size of your site, the process will be finished in two to several days for a considerable sum of money.

Don’t feel discouraged if neither of the above ways looks good to you. There exists an alternative solution – automated online migration service CMS2CMS. It is designed to help users migrate their website from the existing CMS to WordPress in the shortest possible time.


The advantages of using automated service to convert your website to WordPress are obvious:

  • automation allows to perform migrations very quickly (in a couple of hours at the most)
  • it excludes copy/pasting
  • there’s no accessing your website confidential data by the third party
  • the process is performed online and therefore no need to install any software
  • 5 step setup is very easy even for non-technical users
  • the migrated website is 100% available during the migration, with no downtime

The pre-migration preparation. Basically, you just have to install your WordPress software and make sure both your existing and new websites are available online.

The entities available for import:

  • textual content (pages and posts)
  • categories
  • users (along with their details and roles)
  • content images
  • comments
  • tags

Another thing you need is the admin access details (FTP host, username and password) for both sites – to establish the connection between them and enable data exchange. Don’t worry, you won’t have to share these credentials, they will be known to you only.

For now, the service supports migration from Joomla, Joomla K2 and Drupal to the latest WordPress, but it’s rapidly developing and new options are coming soon. If your current CMS is not supported yet, you may subscribe to be notified as soon as it’s added.

Finally, the great thing about CMS2CMS – this tool is absolutely free as for now, so you’ll be able to migrate your website to WordPress and save not only your time and efforts, but also money. However, if you are thinking about converting your site to WordPress, hurry up. The offer is valid for a limited time, and migrations are going to be paid soon.

CMS2CMS is a tool with great potential, and while being still young, it has deserved appreciation of many clients already. Perhaps you are going to be one of them soon.

More information about CMS2CMS web service can be found here.

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