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Face book new features

Face book is the most popular social networking site across the world. If your are an active user of face book you have been noticing that face book privacy setting, chat bar, photos, new feed & other features have been changed and some new features have been included such as tagging review, friend lists & subscription button during last few days. Some people get irritated with these changes while some found these features cool and helpful including me. I personally liked the new subscription button and tagging review tab feature.


Let’s have a glance over these new features

Improved friend list feature

Face book updated the friend list feature made it more comprehensive and private just like Google plus circles remember friend list is not a new feature by face book it has been there since several years but the new enhancements has just added. There are plenty of friends an individual has got on face book, as per face book statistics Average user has 130 friends there are several things that a person wants to share publicly while some status he/she doesn’t want to share with his/her some friends. Face book improved the friend lists with 3 epic features:

  • Smart lists
  • Close friends and acquaintances lists
  • Better suggestions
  • Smart list

    This one is really an awesome one, suppose you have attended in “St. Patrick high school” and your couple of friends also studied in that school so you would have an automatically list named “St. Patrick high school” with those your couple of friends who attended “St. Patrick high school” hence if you have any event related to St. Patrick high school so you can easily share it with them. Similarly if your home town in London (mention on face book) & your dozen of friends also from London then there will be an automatically list named “London” in your feed.
    Note: you can also edit this list manually by picking more people or excluding the unwanted.

    Close friends and acquaintances lists

    You can add your close/ best/ chum friends in the close friends list by doing this step you can view everything your close friends do in news feed even you can receive the notifications for their updates (optionally).

    You can add your classmates, colleagues or business partners in this acquaintances list all there important posts will be shown on news feed like updates of work, city or relationship status etc.

    Better suggestions

    Better suggestions is also a feasible feature added by face book it makes your smart list, Close friends and acquaintances lists feasible to modify or update. Now when you send or accept the friend request you can easily drop that person one of your lists which you think would be better for your new friend.

    Check this print screen

    Last thing
    There is an other useful feature regarding lists which is “Restricted list” you can put anyone in this list from whom you want to hide certain things they could be your friends, mates, teacher or boss etc they can only your public profile and posts .

    To check how your profile can be viewed publicly your can go to “view as” option which is next to “edit profile” button on right top of your profile then click on “public” to see how your profile appears to the public.

    Here is the screen shot of it.

    This article was the part one of the face book new features in the next part I will tell you about the subscriber button and new tagging features stay connected with todaytricks 🙂

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