How to Download Online Videos from Websites onto a Mac

Odds are that you run into numerous videos daily on websites that you frequent. While you may not want to download a copy of all of these videos, at some point or other you’re going to run into one that you wish you could save onto your Mac so that you can access it whenever you need to without having to go online.


In most cases the problem that you’ll face is that websites tend to not provide a way for you to download online videos. Most of these videos will probably be embedded from video sharing platforms such as YouTube, which also does not provide a way to save its video for offline viewing.

The one way around this problem that is most effective is to use screen capture software to literally ‘record’ the video while it is playing on your screen. Once you’ve recorded the video, you can then save it to your Mac and watch it offline whenever you feel like. If that interests you then the one thing you’ll need is Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac (

Almost as soon as you launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac you’ll be able to start recording. Just set the capture frame to encompass the online video that you want to save,check that the audio source is set to ‘System Audio’, and then click ‘REC’ to commence recording as you play the video at the same time. When the recording is complete you can save it, but before you go ahead and do so you should explore the other features in the software too.

Part of the beauty of using Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac to download online videos is the fact that it comes with a slew of other capabilities that will let you tweak and improve your videos. From enhancing the video quality to cutting and combining video segments, adding customizable text, applying special effects – it can really transform your video in numerous ways.

At first you should start to use these features to trim out any unnecessary video that may have been accidentally recorded (particularly at the start and end of the video). Then, start to experiment with the rest of the features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac and try them out. Before long you’ll be able to use them effectively and in the process will be able to ensure that your videos turn out perfect.

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