Easy Tips For Getting Your Blog More Engaged Visitors Than Ever

Readers are valuable to bloggers for obvious reasons. But engaged readers that stick around and comment? Those are practically gold dust. It’s true that a lot of the written word goes out on the internet without much fanfare at all. If you’re in that situation, you need to take the next step to get the readers you want. We’re going to look at methods to get more readers more engaged.

Be social

Blogging isn’t just about blogging. It’s true that content is king. No-one can deny that. However, you need to make sure you’re doing all you can to get that content out there. Then being a part of the discussion. Managing your own social media presence is important. The more platforms you can use to stimulate discussion the better. Of course, this takes a lot of time, so social media management tools can make it a bit easier.



Getting links

Appearing in search engines is a huge part of how the successful blogs get their traffic. Search engine optimisation involves using a lot phrases you want people typing to Google to see you. It also means having a great link building strategy. Find websites related to your blog’s subject and resource lists. You need to get your site on these to make it all the more likely to appear higher on those search engines.


A successful blog is more than just the content that goes up and the person behind it. It’s a community. It’s a hub of discussion. So operating in a vacuum is obviously going to be less effective than reaching out to others. Get in touch with other bloggers with opportunities for cross-promoting. Show your communicative spirit and build off one-another’s readers.


Sometimes you need to throw yourself out there in ways that don’t immediately bring people back to your blog. This is, again, about that communicative spirit. Get in touch with people. Comment on the blogs you like. Not just the influencers that you want returning the favour but anyone with real enthusiasm. Establish yourself as part of the community and you will be treated as such.


Tagging appropriately is important to make sure your blog posts are recognised as relevant. This is what wins them spots on search engines. But smart tagging is another factor you need to consider, too. So long as it relates to your post, what tags can you use? What is most likely to gain curiosity or tap into an existing interest? You want to tag smart without being deceptive. Using false or flimsy tags is just more likely to lose you visitors.


What do people like from their bloggers? They like great content, yes. They like that they take part in the community. But they also like that they don’t abandon them for days at a time. If you’re serious about blogging, then get serious now. Be consistent with your content. Even when you have nothing to use, rely on prompts from sites or blogging community activities. Whatever you do, don’t let your audience get used to radio silence. If you do, you’ll get a lot back in return.

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