Everything A Great Business Website Needs To Be

Making sure your business has a brilliant website is vitally important to success. If you haven’t already set up a site for your new company, then now is very much the time to do so. Be sure to follow this handy guide to make sure that your website is everything a great business needs it to be.



Web hosting packages like those available from LCN will get you started. Once you’re setup, then your website’s design must be made eye-catching. The best professional websites are beautifully designed, often by a Web Developer. Sure, WordPress templates are great, but everybody has those. Why not invest in a design that is truly unique so that consumers remember your site? Have a strong colour scheme and memorable logo will help your website really stand out, too. A potential client is only one-click away from leaving your website. So, make sure that you keep them engaged. Make sure the titles for your content are enticing, encouraging more clicks.


A great business website is simple to navigate and easy to use. If it isn’t, then it’s probably doing more harm than it is good. If your site is easy to deal with, then potential clients will feel like your business is easy to deal with, too. Make sure your site is foolproof. Clear headings at the top of your landing page will aid easy navigation. Tagging posts and content is also a great way to clearly organise your site and keep it simple. You don’t want clients to get lost on your site, so make sure there is an easy way to always get back to your site’s landing page.


Now you’ve got a website, you may as well make some money from it. That’s what businesses do after all! Place some advertising around the edges of your site’s pages and watch the revenue stream in. If you have managed to raise the domain authority of your page to a high level, then you’ll be getting more PPC (pay-per-click) and ad revenue in no time! Be wary not to overload your site with ads, however. This often leads potential clients to steer away from your site, as people don’t like the feeling of being overwhelmed. It can also look a little tacky, stick to a few subtle digital advertisements.


Ultimately, your site needs to be helpful. It needs to explain what your business does coherently and also provide the answers to any potential clients’ questions. It also needs to link to your social media channels, provide contact information, and show where you’re located. This will maximise interaction with your business and is also helpful for the use of clients that are visiting your site.

In conclusion, if you follow these four tips and make sure that your website matches them, then you’ll be on your way to business success. Be sure to keep all your content engaging, simple, profitable and helpful. That way, your website will have no trouble attracting clients. Best of luck!

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