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In the last article I highlighted the improving friend list feature but in this article we will go through the subscriber button feature and new tagging features. As Google plus entered in the social network it increased the social competition although Google plus is still far behind from face book but face book is improving their features day by day to keep it’s momentum on and to be on top. People on face book always very eager to see their favorite personalities, celebrities or athletes updates and activities on face book this is why most of them join their face book fan page for updates. Now face book give every one an epic feature of “subscribe” (optional) to connect a large number of audience around the world which sounds really cool.

Elaboration of subscribe button

Face book subscribe button is just like a twitter follow feature you can subscribe the interesting people( could be your favorite celebrity, singer or politician) without the approval only if they allow the subscriptions on their profile in this way you can see their status, photos and other updates which are publically available. Remember you are already subscribed to all of your friends as being friends you see their updates and sharing in the news feed like:

• Jack was tagged in smith album
• Hardy started playing Farmville blah blah.

But now in upcoming days you will be able to modify it by using the subscriber button that how and what you want to see from your friend’s updates. Face book divided it into three categories which are:

All update
Only important updates

For further clarification check the following image.

How to allow people to subscribe your profile ?

By default the subscribe button is not added in everyone’s profile however if you want to share your status as public you can grab this optional feature here by clicking “allow subscriber” button. After allowing subscriber your profile will have the subscribe tab like this.

Hence the people who subscribe your profile would be able to see you publicly updates and also comment on it (if you allow comments) you can edit your subscriber setting for comments and notifications or you can off the subscriber button too.

Have a look at this image.

New tagging enhancement feature by face book

Many people don’t like the unwanted and useless photos or video tag on their profile & don’t want other friends and people to show these things. Remember you can’t prevent your friends from tagging however it was optional before that (photos and videos of you) can be viewed “only me feature” by customizing the privacy setting. Now face book added the stupendous tag feature you can check it by changing your privacy setting by clicking on account tab (on right tab) -> privacy setting -> how tags work -> edit setting -> turn on the profile review. Now when any one of your friend will tag you so it will be appear on your wall unless you approve it.

This image will help you in this regard.

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