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How to Find Topics For Your Blog Posts

09 Dec 2014 By

Whether you are a keen blogger or you have just started out the important thing to consider is always topic and subject matter. Keeping your blog updated is essential in order to maintain readership and views. But it can prove difficult if you are writing about specialised topics or niche subjects. For this reason, it is advisable to keep your blogs varied a lot of the time. Make sure your topics are diverse and interesting.

The result of this will see you maintain readers and may even attract new ones to your blog. Also, importantly it will ensure that you don’t get bored and stop blogging.


Diversifying your subject matter may also bring you attention from other blogging sites. This could result in them linking to your blog and also inviting you to do guest posts on their blog. This is good for promoting your blog and ensuring that you maintain a strong readership. All of this is key to driving traffic to your website. If you don’t have a website but are considering building one, you might consider checking out iPage Review Box for advice and tips.

Finding fresh and interesting topics to keep your blog updated can prove to be more difficult than you would expect. But there are a few things you can do that might help you in this respect.


The most traditional way to find topics to blog about is to do research. The best form of research to do would be to read newspapers and magazines as well as listening to the radio and watching the news.

This will keep you up to date with current affairs and topics of interest. You will also find controversial issues this way. These are great to blog about because they always spark debate and could well lead to much higher views.

Social Media

One of the best ways to find subject matter for your blog posts is to use social media. Having a look around Facebook and Twitter to see what subjects or issues are trending is a great way of finding material for your blog.

Following hashtags and joining in with more social discussions will help with this process. Following users who also blog or are involved in that arena in some capacity can help develop opportunities for you. Never underestimate the importance of networking.

Social media can also prove invaluable in promoting your blog as an online presence. Remember it is important to ensure that your blog title is perfect as well. Use keywords and phrases to make sure that your blog is relevant to current events.

Google Words

Another more novel approach to finding subject matter is to use Google in a rudimentary sense. Typing two random and unrelated words into Google will bring up all manner of interesting search results.
You can also use this approach after you have used social media. Once you have some keywords or phrases from social media type them into Google, and you should have plenty of sources of information.

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