Finding Local Alternative for Amazon Web Services!

Amazon web services are quite reliable; the problem is that due to the great quality of service offered the cost might be a bit on the high side among other things. This especially applies to small or medium size businesses that are just starting out and may not have too much money to operate. The amount of money that Amazon charges per unit of data may be expensive in comparison to other service providers. This means that for the said businesses, cheaper alternatives would be better.


Few Things to Look Into

See what others are saying

In order for a new business to find an alternative to Amazon AWS, there are few things that can be looked into. First of all it is important to listen to what other customers from the various providers are saying. This is a good way of gauging whether or not services provided are good. It is also important to understand the needs of your business in relation to the web service; this will ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Give me a time limited try

It is also important to give a particular service provider a test before deciding to completely engage their services. A few months of the service will put you in a position to understand whether the service offered is up to your preferred standards for the business or not. You can then choose to either continue or look elsewhere.

Locals can Boost Your Rankings

Getting a local provider will prove quite beneficial in a number of ways. One of those benefits is that, for example if it is the business website you are hosting on a local server; you will discover that you will have better rankings. This therefore means that you will have a wider reach on customers in your local area and this might prove quite healthy for the business. Getting exposed locally is what enables small and medium sized business to grow.

Hosting Cost Will Go Down

A very desirable feature of getting web services from local providers as mentioned is the fact that the overall cost is significantly reduced. Basic actions like password creation and general administrative activities will not attract extra costs. This will see to it that the overall cost of business operation is reduced hence increasing profits.

Support – 24/7 & More Personal

Something else that local service providers offer is support that is made available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The reality is that once you acquire these services; queries will always arise and you may need expert help. Local providers will in most if not all cases be available round the clock to offer the required help as part of the package.

Issues Are Solved More Effectively

The business representatives are also presented with an opportunity to actually meet the service providers physically. This is pretty much impossible when it comes to Amazon web services. The importance of this is that any pressing matters can be discussed more effectively. This leads to higher satisfaction and on the business side and more accountability on the provider side. If there is need to be any on site configurations, the experts from the local service provider can easily avail themselves without a hassle.

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