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Four Creative Ways To Advertise Your Blog - TodaytricksTodaytricks

Four Creative Ways To Advertise Your Blog

13 Jun 2015 By

Blogs are becoming an increasingly popular way of making extra cash. The twenty-first century has seen a boom in the rise of the entrepreneur, and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. And why not? Why shouldn’t you use your skilled to make money from the comfort of your home? But, as the medium has boomed you need a way to promote yourself and stand out above all the others. The days where you were the only blog on the web are no more. You need to walk and talk like a legitimate business, and for that reason you need creative ways to advertise your product. Here are just a few of them. blog

Create A Vine

Too many blogs get lost in just promoting their products and services. Of course, this is a vital part of any business, but there are other things to promote that are just as important. Mainly, yourself. People like to know the person or people they are dealing with and like to put a name to a face. It helps them relate and feel as if they are not dealing with a total stranger. Create a vine as video introductions are not used enough in small to medium business advertising. A vine is a funny and creative way to promote both you and your product.

Sign Up To SlideShare

Everyone knows how important social media is for small businesses like blogs. It is a free medium with thousands to millions of traffic and potential clients. But you know everything about social media, right? Well, you’re signed up to the big ones like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so that’s enough. No, it isn’t. In fact, SlideShare is one of the biggest social media websites that gets nearly five times as much traffic from business owners than the names above. Create a presentation that links back to your blog, SlideShare and Facebook, Twitter et al. so you reach the maximum number of people available. Remember, you need to tailor your advertising to an audience who are more likely to invest.

Pin Your Post To Pinterest

Pinterest allows you to ‘pin’ on individual and contributor boards. The benefit is added exposure, especially when you pin on contributor boards. Not only do they see the pin, but so do their followers. You are trying to create an atmosphere whereas many members and followers of groups will see your blog. How do you do it? Simply pin an interesting page from your blog post and add relevant keywords and hashtags in the description and the content.

Go Old-school

It might be retro, but it isn’t dead. That’s the mind frame you should have with every type of advertising technique. You cannot afford to specialise in one method, so every method available is essential to you. Going old-school still works and is very effective. Take signage products as an example. People still walk past signs and leaflets and take notice of what they promote. Big billboards might be out of the running, but a couple of small signs around towns won’t break the bank.

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