Four Tips To Better Know Your Neighbours

After moving into a new house in a different neighbourhood, it is useful to establish good relations with the neighbours. This is not a daunting task as most of the time neighbours are interested in meeting and getting to know their new neighbours and establishing a sense of community. Through a few simple ways, you can make your neighbours into your friends or at least cordial acquaintances.

Introduce Yourself

The first and most simple thing to do is to show up on your neighbours’ doors and introduce yourself. Wear some nice clothes, bring with you a cake or brownies and meet everyone in the neighbourhood. If you have moved in with your family, bring them along as well. Do not make each visit long, smile, introduce yourself and where you are moving from and emphasize how you look forward to living in this neighbourhood with everyone. Do this with all the neighbours.

h2>Have A Neighbourhood Party

If you have just settled in, invite your neighbours for a housewarming party. This is the good way to break the ice and chat with them in an informal setting. Backyard barbecues, cocoa and carols in Winter, Easter hunt in Spring and other small parties are ideal ways to spend time with your neighbours and establish good relations with them. The smaller the party, the more there is a chance for everyone to talk openly.

Be Supportive

If you hear that one of your neighbours is sick or has had an accident be supportive by taking over a hot meal or dessert. You will be considered a thoughtful neighbor. If you see someone raking leaves or chopping wood, offer some assistance. It will be a good opportunity to have a conversation with your neighbour and you never know when you might need the favour. Similarly, if you hear that someone has a minor issue that you can solve, such as sitting with a sick child while his/her parents are at work, be sure to help out. Even sharing information with your neighbours such as the weather or new sidewalks will make neighbours value you more while also keeping you in loop with events that you were not aware of.

Join A Community Group

Joining a local community group or a neighbourhood watch scheme is a good way to get to know your neighbours. It will ensure that you are in contact with them at least once or twice a week and this will lead them to view you in more friendly terms. If you do not have time to join any such group, talk to those who are involved which will provide you information on the latest developments and is a good way to strike up a conversation.

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