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How To Get Your Website On The First Page Of Google

12 Feb 2015 By

This is the million-dollar question that every digital marketer asks themselves. When it comes to the digital world, Google is often our first port of call. When searching for services or information, we instinctively call up the search engine. If potential customers can’t find your website, you may as well not exist. When people search for your service, they need to find you. So, how exactly do you get Google to notice you?


Be good at what you do

The first thing you need to know is that there are no short cuts when it comes to Google (anymore). The search engine runs a sophisticated algorithm to seek out the best and most relevant websites for its users. The simple fact is, Google ranks the best websites highest. Before anything else, focus your efforts on simply being great at what you do. Provide an excellent service, produce informative content and grow a natural community. Google’s algorithm will take notice.

Produce great content

Strong content is at the heart of search engine optimisation. Whether its video, words or photos, content drives the web. It is what makes social media so powerful. We share content with our friends. We hunt it down for entertainment and information. Produce great content and encourage people to share it. The wider your content reaches, the stronger your search engine ranking. Numbers play a big part in search ranking. The more you have, the higher you rank.


As well as sheer numbers, Google takes authority into account. For example, its algorithm knows which websites hold a strong authority. If The New York Times links to your website, for example, Google considers this a mark of authority. The better the source of your links, the higher you rank. The trick here is getting your name and content into the big circles of authority figures. Otherwise you may find your ranking start to slip.


Google’s number one goal is to provide relevant, accurate results for its users. That means it scours the web for the most relevant websites to present its users with. Your job here is to help Google out. Define exactly what your website is all about and make that clear on the site. Use keywords to indicate your service, industry and location. Our friends at Nitch Marketing tell us that this should be at the heart of your marketing strategy. Clearly defining your service is your first step to great rankings. Make sure Google understands exactly what you do.

What not to do…

Unfortunately, there are thousands of search engine myths floating around the internet. Google is constantly updating its algorithm and getting smarter. That means many old search engine optimisation techniques are outdated. More importantly, Google may actively penalise you for using them. Don’t fill your website with keywords. Keep it simple and obvious. Don’t buy unnatural links. Google can tell if a link to your site is unnatural. Aim for organic, natural links. Any attempt to cheat the system will result in penalties. Finally, don’t neglect the other search engines. Aim for complete coverage online.
We hope that gives you a better understanding of how Google works. Simply put, build the best possible service you can. Extend your reach organically and keep your service simple and targeted. You’ll soon be on Google’s first page of results.

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