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Great Ways to Direct People Towards Your Website

20 Nov 2015 By

If you run a website for your business, you’ll want as many people to visit it as possible. So, if you’re not getting as many visitors as you’d like, try out these ideas.

Mention Your Business on All Marketing Material

Whenever you send out advertising or marketing material, you should make sure that your website is mentioned on it. This is the best offline way of directing more people to your website. It’s simple to do, but it could have a huge impact on the fortunes of the business in the long-term. You could use custom door hangers, business cards and free merchandise to display your website’s URL on. All of these methods should increase traffic to your business’s website.

Start a Blog

People will be much more likely to visit your website if you give them an extra reason to do so. That reasons could be a blog. Blog posts always rank high on search engine results pages. And it adds a whole extra dimension to your website if it was previously only used as an online store. Hopefully, some of those extra visitors who came to read your content might stick around and become customers. Of course, your blog will have to somehow relate to your business and what it offers.


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Think About SEO

Search engine optimisation is something that every business owners should give some thought to. This is the process of making your website and its pages easy to find on search engine results pages. To do this, you need to use the right keywords. The keywords should correspond to the words and phrases that your target customers enter into search engines. If you get your approach to SEO right, you should see your page visits rise and rise. So, think about how you can improve your approach to it.

Link Back to Your Website on Social Media

Social media is a great platform for generating traffic for your website. But you need to make it as easy as possible for people to cross between your social media profiles and your actual website. Start off by creating a link to your website in your bio or ‘About’ section on your various social media accounts. Then you should think about how you can create links to your website in your tweets and posts. But this is something you need to do as naturally as possible. You don’t want it to stand out.

Try Something Out of the Ordinary

It’s always a good idea to get creative when you’re trying to drive traffic towards your website. There are millions of ways you can do this, and I can’t tell you which one will be best for your business. It’s all about using your imagination and coming up with something that catches the eye. Don’t be bound by the conventional way of doing things. There are so many alternatives out there. Some businesses choose to project their website URL on the side of a building. And others advertise the website in unexpected locations.

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