A Guide to Selecting a Domain Name

Selecting the domain name of your online business site is a much more important task than many people think it is. This is usually not one of the critical details that many people focus on when they are in the process of designing their site. However, great care should be taken to ensure that the domain name that you choose will be a good one. Otherwise, it could create a lot of problems for you that could have otherwise been avoided. Here is how you can go about choosing a domain that will help to drive more customers to your online business.

1. You need the domain name to be easy to remember.

This is probably the most important element of your domain name. Many people have very bad memories. You do not want to lose these people as customers just because they are unable to remember your domain name if they happen to see it quickly. Therefore, you need to make your domain name something that will stick inside a person’s memory if they see it for just a few seconds. It is common for online businesses to have their domain name be the same as the name of the company. This is a good idea. You need to think very carefully about what you are going to name your business as well. Simplicity is good for choosing the name of your company. Spelling should not be too strange. However, search engines will still lead people to your site if they misspell your company name by a couple of letters. Ideally, you want your customers to be able to spell your company and domain names right without any help.

2. See if your top choices are available.

It is always best to make a list of all the domain names that are acceptable to you. This is because there is a possibility that the name that you really want the most has already be chosen and registered by another person or company. Therefore, you will need to see if your second choice has already been taken. You can do this by contacting a registrar. There is a way that you might still be able to get a domain name that has already been registered. You can get the contact info of the owner from a registrar. You can then reach out to the owner and see if he or she will be willing to part with the domain name for a price. You can buy domain names that you think will be important to your business.

3. Renew your registration

You will not be able to permanently buy the rights to the domain name that you choose. You will need to renew your rights to that domain name periodically. The renewal usually needs to be made every year. Do not forget to do this. You will lose your ownership of the domain name if you do not pay the renewal fee with the registrar.

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