Your Guide to Working Harmoniously with a Professional Web Designer

Many business people and those running websites as hobbies want to be able to manage their website design to the best of their abilities. But sometimes you can find yourself needing to hire someone else to help you. There are lots of things that you can teach yourself to do through resources on the internet, courses and advice from other people. But one thing you can’t do is magically bestow yourself with years of experience. If you’ve decided that a professional web designer is in a better position to make the most out of your website than you are, you may already have hired someone. However, finding a good designer is only half the struggle. You also need to find a way to work with them to make both them and you happy. Follow these tips to be on your way to working harmoniously with your web designer.


Let Them Take Their Time

It’s important to try not to rush your designer. Although you don’t want them to be slacking on the job, it’s a mistake to assume that they can do their work quickly. Many people don’t realize just how much work goes into a well-designed website. They see what’s on the surface and don’t think about how much deeper the functionality and design of the site goes. Let your designer have time to think and work on the project, and you’ll see better results.

Ask to See Work in Progress

It would be a mistake to give your designer your brief and then leave them to get on with it until they produce the final product. They may have misunderstood the brief or be going in the wrong direction, and wouldn’t know until it was too late. To get the best results, you should be involved in the web design process from the very beginning. Be careful about assuming that you know better than them on everything, but make sure you have your say.


Test Designs

If you’re unsure about something your designer has delivered to you, test it out. Your instincts might be telling you that it’s not right, but remember that you’re working with a professional. If you and your designer disagree over something, have it tested instead of dismissing it outright. Neither you nor your designer can be right all the time, so having your design tested by real users can give you some impartial results.

Choose One Concept

Lots of people ask their designer to create multiple initial concepts. Although this might seem like a good idea because you then have several designs to choose from, it can go horribly wrong. You might see elements from different designs that you like, but you can’t just combine them

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