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How To Gain A Following For Your Blog: Amazing Tips - TodaytricksTodaytricks

How To Gain A Following For Your Blog: Amazing Tips

25 Feb 2015 By

There is no point writing a blog if you don’t have a readership. Every blogger out there wants (and needs) to expand their audience. If you are writing things that nobody is reading, you have an issue. There are a few easy things you can do to get your site off the ground. Read these amazing tips so that you can start gaining a following for your blog soon.


Publish content every day

The internet has thousands upon thousands of blog posts on it. If you have just a handful of posts on your blog, no one will want to read it. People want current articles that they can relate to and enjoy. If you post as and when you feel like it, nobody will bother to follow you. People should rely on your blog for the latest information.

Have an opinion

Sometimes, it pays to be controversial. If you don’t give your opinion, there is no point in you writing a blog. Tell people what you think about a particular topic and don’t worry about whether they agree with you or not. In fact, if people disagree with you, they are more likely to share your post because they will want to give their take on the argument.

Get some top notch SEO tips

Your SEO has to be incredible if you want to rank high on Google. If you want people to find you, you have to be 100% visible to them. Contact a marketing agency like Alecan to give you some tips on writing SEO-friendly posts. It might sound confusing right now, but it does not have to be. In fact, when you learn a few simple tricks, you will get the hang of it super fast.

Let experts write guest posts for you

One massive mistake that people make is to write their entire blog themselves. Forget that. You don’t know all there is to know about your blog subject. Sometimes, it is worth letting an expert write something for your page. When people can see that you have expert advice on your site, it will make it look legitimate. The guest poster will also help you to promote the post by sharing it with his or her contacts.

Give people what they want

Blog writing is different to any other style of writing in the world. You aren’t writing an academic essay or a letter; you are writing a blog post. You should always keep that in mind. People read blogs for two reasons. The first reason is that they want to learn new things. That is why so many people read ‘how to’ style posts. The second reason is that people want to procrastinate. When people want a distraction, listicles are perfect because they are easy and quick to read. Give people one of these two things, and they will love you.

Use call to action posts on social media

You need to have a super social media campaign going on if you want people to care about what you write. If you don’t tend to communicate with people online, you will struggle to keep people’s attention. When you post things on social media, you should use a call to action strategy. That means that you ask people to visit your blog for some reason. You could highlight an interesting blog post or ask people to enter a competition on your page.

Once you have gained a following for your blog, you can use it to your best advantage. There are loads of ways you can monetize your blog and even scope a viable career in doing so. Remember, you can do anything if you put your mind to it!

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