How to get fresh content ideas for your blog?

Blogging has become an intangible industry thousands of people across the globe has adopted blogging as profession and plenty of amateurs have made blogging a hobby, as far as blogging as a avocation or hobby is concerned one might enjoy it because he/she is not doing it for make money but when it comes to profession it could be a hard nut to crack you always require the fresh content and unique ideas for your blog/site as it is blood for your blog’s survival.


I gathered the useful ways to come up with fresh ideas to write an article or blog post.

Subscribe to your niche highly authoritative sites

well it is the not probably the best but one of the authentic way to update yourself keep looking up your competitors what is new at their site through subscriptions, yes almost every site offers/allows subscription for the updates. You can utilize this feature and can even better write on that specific topic after altering the headline and picking up the lacking or missing points they (your competitor) left in their article.
For instance if they recently wrote on “how to blog” you may go for better topic such as “effective ways of blogging” or “guidelines for blogging”. P.S. never copy their content, always write it your own way yes you must include the points your competitor missed in his/her article to make your article/post more valuable and better.

Social media

Social media is full of unique topics and ideas you can make the most of it, through twitter you get the ideas from the people you are following, from face book pages and groups are amazing way to learn new things and get better ideas, same thing you can extract from LinkedIn and Google plus, last but not the least social bookmarking sites such as dig & stumble upon overflowing with aberrant and anomalous content it is up to you how you utilize and implement that worthwhile content in your own words.

Look up article directories

Article directories also have a large number of topics especially ezine articles, article base & goarticles etc are chock-full with unnoticed ideas hence it is indeed one of the feasible way to grab the uncommon topic to write on.

Google alerts

Probably many of us would be familiar with Google alerts. Google alerts is an epic feature of Google which provides you the latest relevant results of your queries/keywords or search phrases, you just need to subscribe to Google alerts with your Gmail ID.

Google analytics

You can also grab some uncommon and catchy key phrases title from Google analytics as it shows the entrance keywords source under content overview tab this is also an awesome way to analyze the new potential keywords which can be used as title heading of a potential article.

Reading books

“Knowledge is power” and “books are man’s best friends” these two quotes are enough to describe the significance of reading. If you are habitual of reading books or news paper etc you have great knowledge and ideas than other, keep reading other articles, blog post, reviews and e-books of your niche etc they will be quite auxiliary to increase your knowledge and picking up new content ideas as well.


If you are an active forum member you would agree with me that forum provide the best, unique and update information. Every user comes up with unique thread some of them of course are beneficial and useful while others are only lame, the point is forum is an efficient and adequate way to grab valuable knowledge as well. You come to know many unique things and terms here which you hardly heard and hence you can utilize them on your site after getting fair knowledge about it.

Yahoo answers

There is a mush room growth of new topics, ideas, something really interesting something really stupid but could new for you. Yes yahoo answers are also one of the best ways to grab unique topics without finding them here and there.


As there is very true saying about images “picture speaks a thousand words” it is self-explanatory I have written earlier in one of my article that picture sometimes can be more helpful and comprehend than words as it may take a full article to write about “link wheel” a seo term but if it is described through image it would be quite feasible for both the writer to deliver his message and the reader to get the writer view point. Therefore images can be used to inspire the ideas as well.

Invite guest writers

Guest posts could also be good sometimes you are short of ideas or topics. Every person has a different way of thinking if you allow guest writers to write for your blog it would reduce your worries about the unique ideas because almost every writer will come up something unique and uncommon stuff.

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