How To Get Your Business Noticed Online and Offline

Staying one step ahead of your competitors is hard. Not allowing them the upper hand is essential to survival. What constitutes the upper hand is varied. It could relate to products and services. It could relate to price points and market share.
It could also relate to marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy is your lifeline. Even if you have a great product for a low cost, it is worthless without anybody knowing about it. It is even worse if they don’t know anything about your brand.


Being noticed is a large percentage of your marketing strategy. You can’t get by without having eyes on your business. There could be many consumers your business is right for, but they just don’t know you exist.

So to increase your visibility you need to explore all avenues. Digital and physical advertisement, in all its forms. Leave no stone unturned.

Leafleting and email campaigns go hand in hand. Leafleting costs more, and email can have a wider reach. Both can work properly in tandem though. Leafleting has a personal interaction that email does not have. It’s easy to ignore an email.

With a leaflet being handed to you, not so much. People may just take it on instinct and look at it later.

What about consumers looking for a certain business but not knowing the name? It can happen. Whether you have a retail presence or not, a search engine optimisation company should be able to get you, more customers.


This is done through search engines. Content is created using key search terms that link to your website. From there the content is spread across the internet. It’ll flag up in a search engine’s algorithm as relevant, and your websites ranking will increase. This increase will make you appear on search engines closer the top than you were before.

There may be drawbacks, but there are a number of positives to this.

Sponsorships of video and written content is a new way of increasing your visibility. Blogging and reviews are currently generating hundreds of thousands of hits across video streaming and blogging sites.

Getting the people behind these videos and blogs to mention your business gives you access. Never ignore a potential audience. Even if partnering may mean sending occasional free items for review purposes, the reach your business will get is invaluable.

Giveaways are also an option. Nothing is better than free things to stir up attention. Exposure is still the key though. Make sure these giveaways are put in a publicised place online or in retail outlets.

For online giveaways, get people to qualify as entering by using a hashtag or the share functions on social network sites. With a hashtag, you can use it to promote your brand. If it gets trending, you can have thousands of people checking it out.

Using the share function, a single user then exposes your business to all their friends. If a friend then shares the image as well, a chain will be created.

Just get yourself out there however you can. There’s little to lose, and everything to gain.

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