How to Make Your Website Stand Out from the Rest

Making a website is easy. You find hosting, choose a platform, and then pick a template and fill in the blank spaces. You can even skip the first step. But making an above average website is much harder. If you want your site to stand out from all the others, a good web design requires a lot more effort. A website might be easy to build, but a brilliant website is something else. If you only put the minimal effort into your site’s design, there’s no guarantee anyone will even be able to tell it apart from your competition’s. So be the business that goes the extra mile and use these methods to make your website unique.


Think About Your Branding

If you build a website using a template, you can add more personal touches. But even then you could end up with a site that looks rather generic. If you want to make something that fits in with your brand, it’s much better to start from scratch. Thinking about your branding will ensure that you end up with something that falls in line with your other marketing materials. Your website is a method of advertising your company, so you need to present it how you want your audience to see you. From colors to images and text, your site should follow your branding as much as anything else.

Do Something Different

For businesses that want to gain some attention, the best option is to do something that no one or nearly no one else is doing. It could be something radically alternative that other companies haven’t done before, or it might be something that others have had success with. For example, you might choose to have your site scroll horizontally instead of vertically. Maybe instead of having a chat window for customer support, you could have a video chat instead. Keep in mind that if you try something out of the ordinary, it may not always work. You just have to decide if it’s worth the risk.

Work with a Design Agency

The best way to ensure your site isn’t a carbon copy of every other business’, is to hire a design agency. They will ensure that your site is built from scratch, and not just adjusted from a template. You can work closely with your choice of web design company to discuss what you want and what they recommend. They can learn to understand your business and its audience so that they can make the best recommendations and put together a unique, successful website.

Update Regularly

Uploading regular content to your website will keep it fresh and help it stand out. Not only does it help with SEO, but customers will see that you pay constant attention to your site. It can be disappointing to discover that a site hasn’t been updated in months or even a year or more. If a website doesn’t update with interesting content, it can even look like the business is no longer active.

Creating a business website that stands out isn’t as simple as it sounds. With millions of company websites on offer, being unique is a hard task. But you won’t get anywhere if you don’t try to do things differently.

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