How to Use Link Wheel

Link wheel is one of the advanced and effective tactics of seo link building it may boost your site ranking if properly utilized. Link wheel is basically a mininet which is created to increase the visibility of the targeted site link wheel used to be very simplified but with the passage of time it has been altered and slightly modified to make it more effective and natural.



So how does link wheel work ?

link wheel is the process of creating back links and increasing the number of visitors with the help of web 2.0 sites like blogger, blogsome, wordpress, squido pages, hub pages & wikis etc, new and unique content is used for each site and it is connected with the other in addition to the main targeted site like this.

Blogger >> word press >> blogsome >> squido >> hub pages >> Wikipedia >> blogger (and they all also link to your main site as well.)

Here is an image of a link wheel.

Link wheel as link exchange:

Link wheel can also be used as link exchange smartly, google give very less importance to two way or reciprocal links and obviously it doesn’t look natural at all but link wheel gives it an unique shape in fact it is an excellent innovation in seo link building but there are also some loopholes in addition to advantages one of them described below.


One of the major drawback of link wheel is the obvious footprint which can be traced easily by your competitors and search engines bots too so you need to be apply the link wheel tactic efficiently which looks natural and has some difficulties for finding what your actual targeted site is..

Use smart link wheel for link building:

A little modification may bring much effective results for your web site let’s check out the modern link wheel scenario which now used mostly this is not a rocket science but a little tricky by linking crossword, following image is showing the latest format of link wheel check this out.

P.S. it could be modified on many other ways it is up to how you manage it.

Last word:

Seo is not a magic stick it takes time to show the results you need to apply different kind of tactics for getting a better result this is not necessary that the link wheel will work extra ordinary it takes time to show the results but you have to implement the diversified seo techniques for better result.

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