Incredible Online Marketing Tips and Tricks for Newbies

Online marketing can seem intimidating at first, but once you know what you’re doing it becomes a breeze. The trick is to focus on customer experience and keep yourself in the forefront of their minds as well as you can. Anybody can use the following online marketing tips and tricks, even total newbies!

Decide on the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Business

There is a plethora of social media platforms to use, but that doesn’t mean you should go out and sign up to them all. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll only give up after a short while without experiencing any real benefit from them. Take a look at the top influencers in your industry and see where they have the most success. If they have millions of Instagram followers but just thousands of Twitter followers, Instagram is obviously the way to go for your niche. You can choose more than one, but you need to be sure you can stay active and handle them all at the same time. Nothing looks worse than social media platforms that don’t get updated.

Add Social Media Buttons to Your Site

Adding social media buttons to your site is a great way to encourage your visitors to share your content. It’s usually very simple to do, and you could easily increase your exposure this way. All you need to do is make sure your content is up to scratch and worth sharing (more on this later).

Boost Posts on Social Media

For new businesses, it can sometimes be hard to get spotted on social media. For businesses that have 100 followers or more, boosting posts on Facebook is a good idea. It doesn’t cost too much, and your content will be shown to a targeted audience, giving you the best chance of getting more likes, follows, and exposure.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is insanely popular, but it doesn’t take a genius to work that out. Millions of people use the social network each day, so by advertising on there you give yourself the best chance of getting your name out there.

Engage With Customers and Other Companies

Engaging with customers and other companies is essential, and the best way to do this is through social media sites. It goes without saying that if somebody reaches out to you, whether it’s with a positive or a negative comment, you should respond in a positive way. You should also engage with customers and companies that haven’t previously engaged with you. Do this by doing things such as retweeting them and adding your thoughts to a subject. You can even host competitions, which will ensure the followers come rolling in! Take a few tips from for more information.

Don’t Build Your Website Yourself

If you’re new to the online marketing world, you’d be forgiven for thinking you should save a quick buck by designing your website yourself. Unless you’re a seasoned professional when it comes to building websites, you should avoid this entirely. Your site needs to have a number of features to give you the best results, many of which you wouldn’t be able to achieve yourself. It should:

  • Look up to date.
  • Match your image.
  • Be easy to use and navigate.
  • Have relevant information and links placed on site.
  • Have onsite and offsite SEO taken care of.
  • Contain unique content (you should write this yourself).
  • Have a call to action.
  • Have all relevant contact information.

And that’s just for starters!

An Email Can Go a Long Way

You want to keep yourself in the forefront of your past customer’s minds, and an email is a great way to go about that. Either by sending an email newsletter or by simply saying hi and that you’re thinking of them (whatever is appropriate), you’ll remind them that you exist. This will stop them from going elsewhere should they need your product/services.


Write Unique, Helpful Content

As mentioned before, you need to write unique content associated with your business. This goes for the content to be posted on your website, and also for content that you may want to post on a blog or social media. Make sure you’re helping your customers and potential customers with what you write. You can even make it funny, as long as it’s appropriate and shareable.

Share Interesting, Funny Stuff

Share interesting, funny stuff that you find elsewhere on the web. Just make sure it’s relevant, and that you don’t go overboard.

Always Use High Quality Images

A high quality image goes a long way in making a post more clickable and shareable for readers. If you’re going to use somebody elses image, make sure it’s credited. If you can use your own images, that’s great, just make sure they’re attractive. Never write a post or share something without posting a picture along with it!

Keep a Consistent Brand Personality

As you write on social media and on your site, it’s important you keep a consistent brand personality. Even if you have multiple people working on your online marketing campaigns, make sure they all know what type of language to use to suit your target market. If you’re inconsistent, things get confusing and you aren’t as trustworthy. The personality you use depends on your product or service. If you sell body products, you might decide to be quite flirty and fun. If you fix boilers, then a no nonsense approach will probably be best. Use your best judgement.

Be Patient

Finally, be patient and give your efforts a chance to work. Don’t try to cheat by doing anything such as spinning content or buying social media followers, as this will always end in tears no matter how long it takes. Enjoy the process of building up your business online. It could take years, but you can bet that it’ll be worth it!

Well, we hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks. Leave a comment to let us know how they worked for you. See you next time!

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