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Kick Start Your Business For New Year

15 Dec 2014 By

We are making our way towards a brand new year. You might be trying to think of new ways to grow your business or give it a bit of a makeover and gain new customers or employ more staff. Below you can find some simple ways to kick start your business for the new year that you might not have thought about.


Expanding your team

. A new year could be good time to think about expanding your workforce. If business is good, then it could be even better if you have a few more staff to help you take on new and exciting projects.

If you are lacking in a specific area then consider employing someone who can handle these things. For example, if your business SEO knowledge needs brushing up on, hiring a rockstar company or individual in this area is going to improve your ability to help customers.

You should consider hiring an assistant who can take on some of your day-to-day tasks. They could assist you in admin areas, leaving to free to focus more time on growing your business and handling the creative side of things.

Improving your online presence.

As time passes, it becomes more important to have a solid online presence for your business. Take a look at how well your social media channels are working in your favour. If they aren’t doing well, then address this. Popular social media websites like Twitter and especially Facebook are now a natural part of business requirements.

If you don’t sign up for them, you could be missing out on vital promotions and potential new customers. Your Facebook page has plenty of space for all of your business information and you can now even view stats and demographics for those who have ‘liked’ your page.

Being active online in all areas, will also give you the opportunity to reach more people with your ideas. Ensure that your social media accounts are run in a professional and helpful way that reflects your business. You might inadvertently end up attracting negative comments if you get this side of things wrong.

Re-design your website

. If you feel that your website is lacking then now is the time to update it and begin to fix and problems and issues you may have. Go over everything with a fine tooth comb and consider whether you are making the most of your hosting, your design and your content management system. Browsing for Magento Support in London could offer some helpful insight.

Create a blog

. If you haven’t already got a blog attributed to your website then you are missing a trick. Your blog can help drive visitors to your website and will give you the chance to address topics and areas in which you work. You can highlight the importance of your industry and make genuine contact with those who may be browsing for help.

Offer a VIP discount. If your orders need a bit of a kick start, it could be wise to consider offering a limited discount for a short period. This will give customers the chance to test your services at a cheaper rate and could drive more regular orders your way.

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