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Live Scores WordPress Plugin

21 Feb 2015 By

How many WordPress Plugins does your website use? Most of us use many to help save us time and make updating and maintaining our websites a lot easier.

Plugins also allow us to save time.

One plugin I have been checking out recently is Live Scores – this WordPress Plugin shows live sports scores, including football, basketball and tennis. This example is a site I randomly found using the plugin.

Having checked it out on a couple of sports sites, it’s looks very handy for visitors. They may be seeking a live update of their favourite team, other scores in their team’s division, or to find out point scorers in their fantasy team.

All-in-all, this plugin is very useful to webmasters who are running sports sites with an audience looking for this information.

Looking at the instructions, it’s straightforward to download and install – virtually no HTML knowledge is required. Yet, it provides so much useful up-to-date information for visitors to the relevant websites.

For sports fans, they will no doubt find this information useful, which makes it almost an essential plugin for webmasters of relevant websites – saving them a lot of money in trying to create their own live scores service.

Sports fans – what are your favourite plugins and tools you like on websites? Which ones do you check out regularly? I would love to feature more on my blog.

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